Are you following the beat or feeling lost in the world?

Today, I wanted to simply connect with you about finding the beat, and what it means to be in flow, and then 'stick the landing'.

In times of great change, initiation, creativity, expansion, we can move out of ourselves, meaning the conditioning and fixed perspectives that can weigh us down and cause us to drag. The dragging can feel like monotony, depression, closing off, retreating within, or simply losing the feeling of life, colour, texture.

But sometimes, within the vortex of change, we can feel a  bit lost, overwhelmed, or that we have lost touch with the touchstones that give us a sense of direction, rhythm, momentum, the beat of life.

So really, its about learning to dance the flow of living.

In reality, we are meant to colour outside of the lines, to add beauty to the mundane. While also remembering to stick the landing, to hit the 'one' beat.

Think of it like jazz, modern dance, gymnastics, ecstatic movement, where you feel unencumbered, but know that there is an...

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How do you Create with Deeper Awareness?

The Gift of Ritual => Conscious Creation

One of my main focuses over the past decade has been around Conscious Creation, it feels like the key to everything. When I feel into the energy of a conscious choice, a realisation, or a moment when I lean into a new possibility, there are a few things at play.

1. I am Present. I let the distractions drop, my mind becomes calmer, everything slows down a little. Feel yourself move into the present moment now...

2. I am aware of Cause & Effect. I understand that what I choose now will create something else, which can build momentum if I continue to follow. Begin to see the threads of what you are living in this moment, based on what you chose in the past...

3. I remember what I have chosen in the past that has not worked, and what has. I have discernment to understand from a higher perspective, without regret or fear directing me, simple clarity of the greater laws of creation. Allow yourself to feel and witness...

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Does your Reality reflect your Values?

Hello humans!  I hope that you are navigating this Scorpio Season with grace!  At the moment, things may be feeling a little intense, unsteady, or overwhelming.  Now is the time to breathe deep, dig deep, and recognise that the discomfort or pain that is surfacing is simply what needs your attention right now.  And as you address the issues being highlighted, you heal.  Not through avoidance, running away, or sweeping things under the rug, but by embracing the opportunity to heal instead of hide There is no way out, only through.

And if you can embrace this, your Eclipse Season (we're in it now!) is going to feel much more manageable!  We are approaching a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and this one will be particularly powerful because it will be highlighting our earthliness, our quality of life as human beings.


This week has a huge emphasis on quality of life, particularly embodied living, being present within your...

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How do you Lead when you feel you're falling behind?

I have been meditating a LOT lately on the elements of Leadership, and more specifically on how to lead when we feel that we are depleted, slowing down, or that we are falling behind.

Here is what I believe about leaders and leadership:

Leadership is a Calling, an act of Service that comes from Soul, Dharma, beyond a single human lifetime

Leaders work best when inspired from within, instead of motivated by reasons outwith themselves

Our capacity and ability to lead comes from the best within us, our divine gifts

It is expressed through action, through the choices we make each and every day (not in what we choose to do every once in awhile when we have to)

We first must learn to lead ourselves, to be consistent, focused, and to live with integrity and honesty if we have any hope of supporting or leading others.


So when we are experiencing a second year of a worldwide pandemic, when we can feel limited, denied, delayed, how do we...

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