Are you flowing with harmony, or fixed in the extremes?

This week is a profound one, so I wanted to spend some time walking you through the energies at play, so that you can dance with them, instead of fight against them!

We spent the past 2 weeks with watery Neptune flooding us with emotion, intuition, dreams.  Some of us have felt caught in storms, drowning, unable to breathe.  All of this, along with the Full Moon in Pisces (which is ruled by Neptune) has really highlighted our relationship with the water element, and the ways it influences/enhances our lives.

For those of you ready to dry out, I have good news!  On Wednesday we change seasons with the Equinox, and the Sun moves into Libra.  Let's break this down a bit...


At the Equinox, day and night are of equal length, which reminds us that we are neither all dark nor all light.  We are complex, layered, deep and interesting.  And though we often try to make things appear 'black or white', to simplify or ease our minds, life is rarely that clearly defined.  This is an opportunity to delve into your inner world, into the many colours, shades, perspectives, memories, and allow them to become more multi-dimensional as you recognise the nuance of Truth within them.


And the energy of Libra Season (22 September- 23 October) has a similar feel.  Libra's symbol is the scales, which we often associate with Justice, Judgement, Fairness.  These again can tempt us to make things extreme, absolute, we want to be without doubt.  In our relationships, we can vilify a friend we feel hurt by, instead of recognising the trauma response that motivated the behaviour.  We can reject a partner or family member because we feel abandoned or rejected by them, when it is often our own defenses that have kept them distant.  Our reactions can swing wide, to the worst assumptions, the harshest judgements, the most critical perspective.  Again, we are invited out of the extremes and deeper into truth, to recognise the complexity of the human mind and experience, to understand the bigger picture, and to soften our snap judgements, allowing grace for healthier and more honest connection.


Ask yourself the following:

* Where have my judgements become stubborn and fixed, and I 'know' that I am 'right'?  Is there space for more understanding?

* Which traits/behaviours within others trigger me the most?  Could I release the judgments and see this from a higher perspective?

* Which judgements are creating the most drama or pain for me right now?  Is it worth it?  Or could I soften my perspective and allow more truth?

* How can I allow more grace into my communication, connection, relationships?


Take some time this week to soften anything that feels fixed.  Invite in more truth and love, and allow them to guide you in the season ahead!



**For those of you who would like to embrace the Libra/Equinox energy this week, please join me on Wednesday 22nd for the Equinox, and/or on Friday 24th in Edinburgh for our Monthly Meditation!

**We'll invite harmony and rhythm with the Libra New Moon on the 6th of October, the boundaries are already beginning to shift! 


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