What principles did you learn as a child that you can be guided by now?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope you're enjoying the final days of Libra Season, and are feeling the benefits of planets moving direct!  Keep allowing the Air element to revitalise and breathe life into new ideas!


Over the past week, the message I have been receiving intuitively is this:

Strip back, strip back, strip back.  Release complication and return to a simpler state...

The guidance has been to declutter physically, to detox the body (gently!), and to release any distractions or complications that are pulling us off track.


The moon is now in the energy of Aries, cardinal fire, the beginning of the zodiac.  As the 'youngest' of the signs, Aries energy is strong, fiery, and desires action, but can sometimes be immature, naive, too hasty, acting without consideration.  The key to working with Cardinal Fire is to re-ignite the purity of spirit within and follow the simplest path...


I heard Russel Brand say something a few weeks ago about 'Sesame Street ethics', and the simplicity of that idea struck me as profoundly expansive and utterly possible- to leave behind the judgment and conflict, and get back to the 'childhood basics' of how to treat each other (and ourselves, the world, etc). We often try to over-complicate things as we grow or mature, but Truth is much more powerful, and simpler than our complications

Love, respect, kindness, honesty, friendship, integrity, compassion...

So if we can take the principle of stripping back to our innocence, purity of heart and mind, we can ignite heart and soul in all we do.  Simple, easy, graceful...


For now, you can ask yourself the following:

*Which virtues do I value in others and myself the most?

*What did I learn as a child that would work for us all right now?

*Which obstacles, complications, distractions am I prepared to surrender, to make the path clearer?

*If I was living as my highest self, the most ethical way possible, what could change?


As you strip back the unnecessary, the brightest and most beautiful within can shine through.  Let's shine together!



**We'll reconnect with purity of heart and mind with the Aries Full Moon on Wednesday evening at 7pm!


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