Are you ready to live your Fate?

(i.e. Are you choosing the path, or avoiding it?)
I don’t know about you, but the next month or two feels as though we are walking hand in hand with fate.
I just finished reading a new Stephen King book, where he talks about how the most important events move on a hinge.

Our choices initiate the swing of the hinge, and our actions commit us to the path.

I believe that we can make small subtle choices, continually adjusting, continually searching.  Or we can open wide, be courageous, and commit to the path that we are here to serve upon.
What we choose and commit to now, will ripple through our lives, our trajectories.  And you can choose to be aligned with Purpose, or you can take the long, hard road… Which will you choose?

A few questions to meditate on, to help you along the say:
*What am I carrying/doing that is weighing me down?  Does it really align? And will it still align in 6 months?

*Am I able to see the potential long-term effect of a choice?  Can I see the knock on effect of each option, and make a choice based on the long-term vs short-term?

*What are the five biggest priorities in my life, right now?  What do I keep doing that does not fit into that list?

*Who are the five most important people in my life? The 10 most important?  How much time/energy/effort am I investing in people outside of my priorities?

I really encourage you to take some time this week to ponder your path and all that you are carrying with you.  Allow yourself to release along the way, to adjust your course, and enjoy the journey.  It is what you are here for <3

-Jennifer <3

For those of you in the UK (or willing to hop on a plane!), I have three events over the next 3 weeks, to help you to liberate yourself from your burdens, and step into deeper alignment.
I feel so moved, and am so deeply honoured to offer these events, they facilitate some of the deepest healing and clarity that I have ever had the great privilege to witness.
Further details are included on my website, please join us if you feel called.  (If you aren’t able to attend, but would like for me to come to you, get in touch!  I’m always willing to travel!)

About Initiation Ceremonies…
Poetry, blessings, music, healing, prayer… lyrical messages, music that supports your journey, and words that deeply heal are included, providing a space for death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and freedom to choose.
Jennifer will transmit information throughout the ceremony, for individuals, and for the group’s benefit. Time for meditation and inner connection will be provided, as well as space for sharing and expressing these rediscovered gifts.
At the end of the evening, you will feel more aligned, more present, and supported in your next steps.

London: Saturday, 19 October from 2:30-5pm @ Light Centre Belgravia
Integrating Ancestral Wisdom

Edinburgh: Wednesday, 30 October from 6:30-9pm @ Apex Waterloo
Transcending Veils, Psychic Initiation Ceremony

The Goddess Gathering: Sunday, 3 November at 10am
The Service of Leadership

Would you like to know how to choose Purpose, in the highest and best way,
to allow yourself to understand who you are and why you are here, with grace,
that you are worthy and deserving of living a life of alignment, in you daily life,
to know what it feels like to embody purpose and service, on every level?
Breathe deep, say yes, and feel yourself shift! <3


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