Your Fears show you where you Limit Yourself

What a month its been! I feel that for many of us, its been a bit of a roller coaster, whirlwind, washing machine, but I can sense that the noise and topsy-turvyness of it is beginning to change...

This weekend marked the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus. Basically, this is where your goodness and greatness gets a boost in unexpected and interesting ways. Seriously, who is ready?!

I spent a lot of time meditating, writing, and dissecting my mind and my life. There were some strange moments, fears uncovered, and discomfort felt on a lot of levels. I had a dream that I was within a corridor, and behind each door was one of my deepest fears. The temptation was to keep the doors shut, to 'wait it out', to simply let things lie. But when I awoke and meditated on the meaning, I realised that keeping those doors shut meant that I was delaying great healing and insight AND I was cutting off part of myself that are actually useful, strong, and wise.

Behind one door, I was keeping a vast and...

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What happens when you lose touch with your Mission?

During the lockdowns, the disruption to social life, the massive changes we had to face, I was actually ok. Like many, I spent more time meditating, decorating my house, connecting with family and friends back home. I wanted to be out with friends, traveling, creating new experiences and memories, but I found that, for the most part, I could find other ways to explore (meditation, reading, writing, etc).

But what I did find truly difficult was the feeling that my work, my Purpose, had been derailed.

I'd spent years building momentum around my healing practice, crafting regular events for people in Scotland and around the world to join in. I'd put my heart and soul into structuring my time and energy so that everything was in flow. And life was pretty great!

Once that was disrupted, I still felt optimistic that I could just go back to the way things were, and that what had worked before would work again. 

It didn't.

The past few years have provided time and space for...

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Are you pushing for something that isn't for you?

Hello beautiful beings! I hope that you are enjoying the end of Summer and Virgo Season, and are feeling inspired to enter into Autumn and Libra Season! The energy this week has had some movement to it, and I can feel the flow from one season to another.

Over the weekend, I was talking to some students about how grateful I was that some of the things I wished for, planned for, asked for, never manifested. There were things within my career that I thought I wanted, but did not fully align with my deeper desires. Hindsight makes it easier to recognise our blindspots and assumptions, and I can clearly see where I was not clearly seeing, at the time.

And yesterday, I was listening to a podcast with Ethan Hawke, who quoted, "Lord protect me from what I want". (It looks as though the great Pablo Picasso stated this). And it took me down the rabbit hole of unfulfilled wishes, and the blessings that follow when we do not receive what we push for.

We can invest and expend...

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Do you know what you were built for?

Edge of Eclipse

On Tuesday, we connect with the first eclipse of 2, in Scorpio, with a Scorpio New Moon.  A partial solar eclipse, reducing the light from the sun, with a dark new moon. This is an opportunity to release the past and uncover, remember, rediscover deeper truths within...

One of the concepts I have been pondering and refining for awhile now centers around Purpose or Dharma, and more specifically, what we are built for.

I believe that each of us has chosen to exist here in this lifetime, this plane, for various reasons. I also believe that we did not come without a plan, or arrive 'empty-handed'.

Imagine that you are planning a journey, one of importance, that would have an impact, both on yourself, and the lives your journey intersects with.

There would be many reasons for the endeavor, and because of its importance, you would prepare yourself. You would not begin without some knowledge of timing, terrain, or potential obstacles you could face....

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Living with Selflessness

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that the recent full moon in Aries has inspired you to clear the way, so that you can express your personal Dharma more clearly and effectively!

I wanted to continue our deep dive into STER, and more specifically today on the area of Selflessness.

A lot of the teaching within the healing/conscious community will state that we need to destroy the ego, or deny our humanity, in order to expand into unity. But I believe that these teachings are incomplete and outdated...

A feeling of selflessness is not a denial of the unique gifts you hold or the journey you take. It is simply your opportunity to release attachment to the surface identity, enabling you to remember your connection with All that Is.

When we become to focused on 'me', we trip over the conflicting roles and identities. We lost sight of the bigger picture. This is simply a call to heal and release the labels that are too small, too fixed, and incomplete.

As we shed those layers, we...

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Are you ready for the end of a Decade?

Hello beautiful beings!  I just wanted to check in today, as we near the end of a year, and the end of the decade!

Are you ready to truly live a life that is aligned with your Purpose?
Are you prepared to make different choices, that will contribute to living a life of alignment?
Are you willing to challenge your beliefs, your habits, your paradigm, so that you can create something better?

Most people I know would answer ‘YES’ to each of those questions, but then stumble or struggle with the application.  We often know which choices and actions would serve us, but fail to follow that wisdom.  We can see the path, but end up going in circles instead.
I find that understanding your inspiration can help you to find your path and follow it with focus!  We often need to remember the why in order to continue to choose.

To help you gain some clarity and some inspiration, here are a few points to ponder:

*How do you want to feel every day?...

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Are you ready to live your Fate?

(i.e. Are you choosing the path, or avoiding it?)
I don’t know about you, but the next month or two feels as though we are walking hand in hand with fate.
I just finished reading a new Stephen King book, where he talks about how the most important events move on a hinge.

Our choices initiate the swing of the hinge, and our actions commit us to the path.

I believe that we can make small subtle choices, continually adjusting, continually searching.  Or we can open wide, be courageous, and commit to the path that we are here to serve upon.
What we choose and commit to now, will ripple through our lives, our trajectories.  And you can choose to be aligned with Purpose, or you can take the long, hard road… Which will you choose?

A few questions to meditate on, to help you along the say:
*What am I carrying/doing that is weighing me down?  Does it really align? And will it still align in 6 months?

*Am I able to see the potential long-term effect of a...

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What is getting in your way?

What is getting in your way?
(And why are you allowing it to stop you?)

When I ask about barriers, distractions, blocks, or obstacles, I receive a variety of reasons and answers. Usually, they include negative belief systems, based off of what was learned at an early age (‘That’s all you’re getting’, ‘That won’t work’, ‘You don’t have the skills/knowledge/experience’, etc).
Or old emotion and trauma stops us, such as past failure, betrayal, disappointment, broken trust, broken hearts, broken hopes and dreams.
We often play small to fit in, to be accepted, to belong.
There is not ‘enough’ money, clients, love, choice, to accomplish our goals.

Is any of this resonating, or sounding familiar? What do you usually do in these situations? What is your way of removing barriers?

I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ here, and it is less complicated than you think:
Understand that the fears and limiting beliefs...

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