How are you navigating the liminal spaces?

Hello beautiful beings, I am delighted to share with you my newest offerings!  I have been crafting these over the past few years, and am honoured to co-create these sacred events with my tribe.

Personal Bespoke Initiation Ceremonies! 

I have been offering larger group Initiation Ceremonies since 2015, which have facilitated profound experiences for initiates to learn and heal.  These have ranged in focus around ancestral healing, psychic senses, leadership, the masculine and feminine, and harnessing the elements.  The power of the collective has facilitated exponential shifts on so many levels through these events, and I have been working to create similar effects, but with a smaller group. The personal ceremonies can be tailored for an individual, a couple, a family, or tribe/friends/co-workers.  

With a bespoke ceremony, you will work with me to plan the most aligned time and focus.  This could be held around the time of your birthday/solar return, to start your new year in alignment with your Dharma.  A ceremony could be used to create a rebirth, a new beginning, to initiate a new phase of your life or paradigm.  Or it could support you in an ending, moving on, creating closure, or surrendering to what is most expansive for your journey.

I have also created containers for partners who would like to grow closer and still expand their own individual journeys without entanglement and obligation.  These are designed to release karmic ties and loops, so that the relationship can be lighter, but also more deeply connected and supportive.

And for any family members who are holding old trauma and pain within the genetic lines, we can resolve the oldest of patterns of thought and behaviour, clearing connections that are generations old.  These outdated ways of being no longer resonate with the present, and can be surrendered to the past, creating space for acceptance and celebration within the family.

And finally, I have created a container for a group of friends, and/or people working together to be of deeper service to the world.  You may have a group of 'brothers and sisters' that you love to learn with, and witness each other's journeys.  You may be working within an organisation that wants to create a greater impact, or align more fully with its mission.  With each, we can bring in the energy of initiation, to find the greatest alignment, and create a state of flow for the group, allowing it to function in a higher consciousness.


Over the coming weeks, I will be writing more about the power of Initiation and Ceremony, the ways that you can navigate liminal spaces with much more grace, and ways that you can move through life as a living, breathing ceremony.


For now, you can ask yourself the following:

* If I could more deeply understand my purpose, my dharma, what would change in my life?

* What are the fears, emotions, patterns that are obstacles to living a life that is more full and fulfilling?

* Who are the people that best support me in my evolution?

* If I could see my life as a living ceremony, what would I do differently?


If you feel called to learn more, please feel free to book a Discovery Call with me to talk through what is possible for you!


And just so that you can get excited with me, I am finalising details for a new container (in-person groups) which will launch later this year, and will send details very soon.  Watch this space!



 **We'll invite harmony and rhythm to manifest with the Libra New Moon on the 6th of October, the boundaries of what is possible are already beginning to shift! 


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