Are you Preaching to the Choir?

During my meditation this morning, I was asking about ways to be more seen, heard, understood. I was shown an image of preaching to the choir.

Normally, when we use this phrase, we mean that we are making a statement that those around us that already agree. That we won't change minds, or have an effect. But I feel that there is a deeper understanding that could be of use for you now.

Truth is truth. Often, when we express ourselves, there are strands of truth in what we say, to a greater or lesser degree. And sometimes we are expressing ideas in ways that another person isn't able to fully receive, simply because of our language, tone, approach, or mixed messages.

When we talk about tribe, belonging, or resonance, we are looking for those around us who can feel that there is an alignment, but sometimes not all is heard or received.

So we need to learn to speak in other languages, other vibrations, to fully touch Truth on many levels. The more we try to narrow or push, the...

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How are you navigating the liminal spaces?

Hello beautiful beings, I am delighted to share with you my newest offerings!  I have been crafting these over the past few years, and am honoured to co-create these sacred events with my tribe.

Personal Bespoke Initiation Ceremonies! 

I have been offering larger group Initiation Ceremonies since 2015, which have facilitated profound experiences for initiates to learn and heal.  These have ranged in focus around ancestral healing, psychic senses, leadership, the masculine and feminine, and harnessing the elements.  The power of the collective has facilitated exponential shifts on so many levels through these events, and I have been working to create similar effects, but with a smaller group. The personal ceremonies can be tailored for an individual, a couple, a family, or tribe/friends/co-workers.  

With a bespoke ceremony, you will work with me to plan the most aligned time and focus.  This could be held...

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