How do you rationalise your Indecision?

There is currently a funny mix in the cosmos: lots of moving cardinal earth in Capricorn, a lot of energy in fixed air Aquarius, and Mercury Retrograde moving the air backwards, and Venus is finishing its retrograde, drawing the heart into the past.  So a fascinating mix of walking forward while your mind loops back into where it gets stuck, with your heart trying to mend old wounds and attempting to re-write stories.  Its weird.  But not bad.  I find that whenever we move into energy that is this disruptive, where one moves against or around another, it can often aid in shifting what we have most stubbornly held.  Amen to liberation!

As we are working with a lot of Air right now, I wanted to explore thought, the mind, the way we process information, choice, cause and effect...


The mind is a fascinating thing to behold.  Thoughts come and go, leading from one to another.  When we look back upon them, we can see the 'logic' of how one leads to another.  But it is also unpredictable-just because we started with one does not mean that we would necessarily end with the last.  We could start with the same thought 100 times, and have 100 different journeys.

What often draws us into those journeys, especially the ones that feel more upsetting, chaotic, frantic, is indecision.  We are often playing out every scenario possible, attempting to prevent an error (or worse), and predict success.

I spent many years in indecision.  On one level, I thought it made me easy-going.  I wouldn't choose where my friends met for a meal, I would let them choose.  How generous!!  But actually, there was fear of getting it wrong, being judged, feeling stupid or out of place.  I spoke to a (more decisive) friend about this years ago, and she admitted that another's indecision was annoying, because she then felt burdened making all of the choices that other's were opting out of.  A small example of the problems created, but you see how it can grow into something bigger, more dramatic or problematic.



I recently finished reading Stephen King's Dark Tower Series (this was my third trip to The Tower), and one of the quotes struck me- "Nerves, he thought, were for people who hadn't entirely made up their minds."

I read this a few times and looked back through my life at the instances when I have been most nervous or doubtful about my future.  There was always a part of me that wasn't fully committed to the decision, that was trying to weigh up every other possibility, and had one foot in, one out.  How unsteady and ungrounded those moments were!



Our power and capacity to create actually stem from our ability to choose, commit, and act.  We disempower ourselves any time we opt out of choosing a path or way that would bring more joy, love, peace, freedom.

And our choices and commitment to them are what create our world, it is our creative power at play.  And the beauty of this is that we can always choose and choose again.  If we choose something that does not fully align, we can make another choice, there are other possibilities to play with.  What if you could see choice as an act of creation, instead of a limitation or problem to solve?


So playing with the Air element is also an opportunity to work with its alchemy.  Its cardinal aspects ignite new ideas and inspiration, nudges us to explore an option or opportunity.  Air's mutable quality helps us to adjust, to make changes as needed.  And its fixed quality, which we are working with this Aquarius season, enables us to be more consistent and focused, with what is working for us!  And when we really begin to recognise what aligns, we can begin to more consistently choose what nurtures, enables growth, and empowers.


This week is an ideal time to examine the unfinished business in your life and ask yourself a few questions...

* Which choices from my past am I always questioning, regretting, doubting? 

What pulls my mind back to the past, where I pick apart those choices and ask 'What if'? 

And what would help me to either feel at peace with the choice, or make a new one that could correct/adjust and bring me more into alignment?


* How do I rationalise my delay, doubt, indecision?


* What could me you to gain the information, clarity, etc that I am seeking to make a decision?  Would it help to ask, read, meditate, feel, change setting, change perspective?


Remember that we often hold ourselves in indecision because we fear an effect.  But there will always be a consequence, whether we engage in empowered choice, or we default to passive acceptance.  Which will you commit to?

-Jennifer <3


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