Do you truly understand Love?

On some level, we all fight the experience of Love.
We ask, beg, and plead for love, and then reject loving experiences as they are offered. There is always a complex mix of ideas, images, and feelings that float to the surface as we consider what the word love means. The layers of misaligned ideas develop as a result of millennia of human beings grasping at love, but failing to truly understand. 

As we develop relationships with partners, lovers, friends, we know that we want to create loving experiences. But we fail in our attempts to inspire, create, cajole, or evoke love within ourselves or another, because we have too many conflicting beliefs about what love really is.

Those who have lived in abusive relationships will often associate love with abuse. If ‘the people who love you, leave you’, we believe that love leads to abandonment. We have associations based on our experiences, but we are blaming love for the areas in which love has actually been lacking.
Love does not create abuse, pain, manipulation, fear, neglect, abandonment, or any other negative association we could create.
Love is what heals them.

As we begin to release these associations, we allow ourselves to experience all that love will offer freely.  And the key to experiencing this is to let go of our fears, and ALLOW.
I speak to clients and students regularly about the fears that stop us from being vulnerable, open, and able to receive.  They often share that they give and give, but feel unable to receive.  Receiving is selfish, triggers guilt, or seems to be overwhelming or confusing.
But if you refuse to allow yourself to experience love in all its forms, you stop yourself from having or being exactly what you desire.Whatever you desire from another person, you need to allow within yourself.  If you want more compassion from the world, be more compassionate and loving towards yourself.  If you want great friends, be a great friend.  If you desire honour and respect, resolve your critical judgements, and really honour who you are.
We expect others to fulfill parts of us that feel lost, incomplete, or broken.  But you are none of these things.  You are whole and complete, always, and are wholly capable of being everything that you could ever desire.
Stop looking outside of yourself to be fulfilled or completed, because you have and are everything you could ever need.

Right now, identify the fears stopping you from loving yourself, the criticism, the lack of recognition of your exquisite divinity and gifts.  And allow yourself to let go of the lies, the confusion, the identities that you believe have kept you safe.
And as you release the layers, allow yourself to see, feel, and know the LOVE that always has been, and always will be there. <3

Download: Would you like to understand LOVE, from the highest perspective,
to allow yourself to release your barriers and fears to experiencing and expressing love, in your daily life,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of Love, in every facet of your life, in every cell of your body,
to know that it feels like to embody LOVE on every level?
Say yes and receive! <3


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