Are you over-giving or under-receiving? (I bet its both!)

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more joyful, aligned, and expanded here in the heart of Sagittarius Season! The emphasis for this astro season is on learning, exploration, and moving towards mastery. We have a chance to fine-tune direction, and to feel the benefits in the areas where we are most aligned.

But if there are areas where we are lacking in alignment, Tis the season to realise the effects...

I have been speaking to people a lot lately about depletion - feeling depleted within the body (exhausted, over-worked, overwhelmed), depleted in mind (unfocused, lack of clarity, distracted), and depleted within the spiritual body (unsupported, lacking guidance, tired beyond the physical). So I wanted to write about a polarity that we often undervalue or dismiss, even though it can cut through so many layers of us, as the impact ripples through every facet of our lives.


There is a direct correlation between over-giving and under-receiving, there is...

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Do you Receive what you Ask for?

Over the past few weeks, I have been given the same message over and over again- Receive what you ask for.

We can invest so much energy and effort into trying to manifest, create, call in, seek out, grasp, and cling. So many of us are trying to figure out the tricks and shortcuts, calling on our logical minds to solve a problem that we cannot see. Our blind spots, the areas we are afraid to address, make it feel more complicated and out of reach.

My message today is to simplify it all. Instead of running in circles, take a moment to sit in stillness, quiet your mind, and ask:

What have I been seeking, that is actually before me? And what are my barriers to receiving?

We build walls to try to keep from feeling vulnerable. We hide away from life. We run away from what is approaching. And this is all that stops us from having more love, abundance, freedom, connection, and joy.

The poet Rumi stated, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within...

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Do you truly understand Love?

On some level, we all fight the experience of Love.
We ask, beg, and plead for love, and then reject loving experiences as they are offered. There is always a complex mix of ideas, images, and feelings that float to the surface as we consider what the word love means. The layers of misaligned ideas develop as a result of millennia of human beings grasping at love, but failing to truly understand. 

As we develop relationships with partners, lovers, friends, we know that we want to create loving experiences. But we fail in our attempts to inspire, create, cajole, or evoke love within ourselves or another, because we have too many conflicting beliefs about what love really is.

Those who have lived in abusive relationships will often associate love with abuse. If ‘the people who love you, leave you’, we believe that love leads to abandonment. We have associations based on our experiences, but we are blaming love for the areas in which love has...

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