Change your Emotions, or allow them to Change You?

What impact do your emotions have upon you?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more grounded and graceful as we move towards the Taurus New Moon early Wednesday morning BST. This energy is calling us back to our bodies, minds, emotions, and the humanness within...

Lately, so many of us have been working through facets of identity, opening to surrender, seeking clarity, just about anything and everything to understand the next step. Most of my recent clients also report feeling exhausted, fed up, frustrated, a spectrum of what we would label as 'negative' emotions and feelings.

So much of my own healing process, and the work I do with others has been around resolving old, outdated, conditioned 'stuff'. We've worked to understand the wisdom within them, to take the good from the experiences, and to embody the positive.

And at this point, I feel that my questions are changing, along with my goals. Instead of seeking relief, or another answer that would...

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Do you truly understand Love?

On some level, we all fight the experience of Love.
We ask, beg, and plead for love, and then reject loving experiences as they are offered. There is always a complex mix of ideas, images, and feelings that float to the surface as we consider what the word love means. The layers of misaligned ideas develop as a result of millennia of human beings grasping at love, but failing to truly understand. 

As we develop relationships with partners, lovers, friends, we know that we want to create loving experiences. But we fail in our attempts to inspire, create, cajole, or evoke love within ourselves or another, because we have too many conflicting beliefs about what love really is.

Those who have lived in abusive relationships will often associate love with abuse. If ‘the people who love you, leave you’, we believe that love leads to abandonment. We have associations based on our experiences, but we are blaming love for the areas in which love has...

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