Your Fears show you where you Limit Yourself

What a month its been! I feel that for many of us, its been a bit of a roller coaster, whirlwind, washing machine, but I can sense that the noise and topsy-turvyness of it is beginning to change...

This weekend marked the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus. Basically, this is where your goodness and greatness gets a boost in unexpected and interesting ways. Seriously, who is ready?!

I spent a lot of time meditating, writing, and dissecting my mind and my life. There were some strange moments, fears uncovered, and discomfort felt on a lot of levels. I had a dream that I was within a corridor, and behind each door was one of my deepest fears. The temptation was to keep the doors shut, to 'wait it out', to simply let things lie. But when I awoke and meditated on the meaning, I realised that keeping those doors shut meant that I was delaying great healing and insight AND I was cutting off part of myself that are actually useful, strong, and wise.

Behind one door, I was keeping a vast and rising ocean. Lightning was striking the water and setting it on fire. The sound, feeling, and images were sointense, I was afraid of getting swept away. But I realised that my unconscious fear of the Water and Fire elements meant that I was not allowing them to work through my life and through me in meaningful ways. And so instead of trying to keep them at bay, I liberated them. Once they were able to operate as they are meant to, I felt stronger, braver, and more equipped to consider my next steps.

It may be worth meditating on your deepest fears, especially the truly irrational ones, to see what assumptions you have made that are untrue. Whatever you are holding at bay, locked behind a door, might be exactly what you've been seeking. You can change your perspective and relationship with that element or energy, and work together, as friends.

During this conjunction, we are invited to make peace and become more friendly with the parts of us we have misunderstood. These are the doorways to our greatest gifts, strengths, and power. Which suspicions, assumptions, doubts, and fears are you willing to surrender, to allow space for expanding Truth?


Worth meditating on over the coming days:

  • Which aspects, traits, qualities within myself do I judge the most? Am I seeing the truth of myself, or old and outdated assumptions/projections?
  • Which gift/virtue do I believe I am lacking? Is it already within me, waiting for me to remember and use it?
  • If I understood that the doors within me were closed off simply because of fear, could I be willing to face what is inside? What would I need to understand to do this gracefully?
  • Do | already understand that I am far greater than any fear I might hold? What would help me to remember this?

Remember that any quality or strength we require to live our Purpose is already within us. If we believe we are lacking, it is simply because we have turned away from ourselves. Which means that all that is required is a willingness to amplify that which already resides within. You are the gift you are seeking, the strength you desire, the grace you want to feel. Allow it all to shine through you!


Bonus Track: Jericho, by Iniko


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