Are you swinging between polarities, or have you found Resonance between?

Narrowing Polarities

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the polarities of life with grace!

I have spoken about polarities and spectrums of emotion, belief, and behaviour over the years, but I wanted to take some time to expand awareness...

The reality is that we are all operating within thousands+ of polarities. In some areas we will swing conservative, in some more liberal. In some areas of communication we will shut down, in others we will shout out! In fact, if you look at any patterns of behaviour or beliefs, you can recognise a spectrum where you tend to operate.

When you are more aligned, healthier, more 'healed', the polarities are much less extreme.  You don't really swing from one side to the other. We are much healthier in our beliefs and perspectives when we land in an area that feels resonate, where we understand what we really feel and value, and our responses are more consistent.

The areas where we tend to swing wide are where we are still learning, questioning, figuring it out.  These are often the areas where we are still struggling with old trauma, pain, wounds, which motivate us to react instead of respond

For example, a person can spend decades functioning with unhealthy boundaries, a bit too passive, not speaking up.  And then they begin to learn more about what a healthy relationship looks like, and how to say no.  At this point, a lot of people will overcorrect, and begin to say no to everything, to build walls, to become aggressive/defensive.

The reality is that neither extreme builds a healthy, thriving relationship.  It is about finding the resonance within, to guide you to make choices that facilitate respect, honour, compassion, and to more consistently choose this in your responses and interaction within the world.


I would encourage you to take some time over the next few days to meditate on the extremes in your life- in your reactions, decisions, cravings, health/care, spending, consumption, output, the areas that call to you.  My intuition is that if you are swinging between extremes in one area, you a probably doing this in multiple.

This is often motivated by following a quick-fix craving, instead of what will really nurture, satiate.

Take the time to identify the swing, and where the healthy resonance lies between.


A few things to consider over the coming days:

  •  Which areas have I been too passive, and where have I overcorrected? Am I clear in what a healthy response could be?
  • Which areas am I struggling with because I feel confused, unclear? What would help me to learn more about what I truly value in this area?
  • Where is there conflict in my life? What 'sides' are fighting within me, and how could there be an understanding and peace? (Masculine/Feminine, Empowered/Disempowered, Fixed/Mutable, Passive/Aggressive, etc)
  • Which areas feel most healthy and aligned? How can I apply that clarity/resonance to other areas of my life?


Remember that conflict and fear simply show us where we have a misunderstanding or lack of awareness.  When we identify the polarities and narrow the swing, we are more grounded, stronger, centred, and able to witness ourselves and the world from a higher perspective.  And the world could certainly benefit from this right now.  Thank you for showing up and doing 'the work'!

 P.S. If work around Polarities is calling you, please join the next 2 Moon Ceremonies (Cancer & Capricorn) to work through the polarities of Mother/Feminine, and Father/Masculine.  We are going to resolve generations worth of trauma!


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