Are you steady, or getting swept away?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of the Autumn Season! We are playing within the relational energy of Libra Season, where we learn about ourselves through our interactions with others.

We are social beings, meant to connect, commune, and interact with those around us. We can cultivate our Tribe, choose our friends, pick our partners, and shape our interactions. But the bottom line is this- we are built to be with others, and suffer when we are not.

When things are healthy, we thrive within our relationships, we become more vibrant, energised, and inspired. We know how to address differences of opinion with maturity and respect, allowing each other to grow in our own ways. But when things go sideways, the unhealthy reaction can be either to lash out, or run away, to hide from each other, to shut down inside. But this is how we miss out on our greatest opportunities for learning, growth, and awakening.

A few weeks ago, I heard a quote from...

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Are you swinging between polarities, or have you found Resonance between?

Narrowing Polarities

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the polarities of life with grace!

I have spoken about polarities and spectrums of emotion, belief, and behaviour over the years, but I wanted to take some time to expand awareness...

The reality is that we are all operating within thousands+ of polarities. In some areas we will swing conservative, in some more liberal. In some areas of communication we will shut down, in others we will shout out! In fact, if you look at any patterns of behaviour or beliefs, you can recognise a spectrum where you tend to operate.

When you are more aligned, healthier, more 'healed', the polarities are much less extreme.  You don't really swing from one side to the other. We are much healthier in our beliefs and perspectives when we land in an area that feels resonate, where we understand what we really feel and value, and our responses are more consistent.

The areas where we tend to swing wide are where we are...

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