Are you complicating the journey to wholeness?

There are periods of life that seem to flip us, our mindsets and trajectories.  We feel ungrounded and unbridled, our common ways of moving no longer support us or facilitate momentum in ways they have before.  These times are our best indication of change coming, an evolution of spirit and being.


Our human forms and patterns are part of an illusion that we are fixed or constant.  We believe that we are these tangible, sensible beings, and that life is the same.  Our skin, scars, physicalness is witnessed every day, the same thoughts and beliefs are present, our surroundings consistently reinforcing the feeling that we remain constant, fixed.  Often times our perceived changes occur on a more subtle level, taking time, energy, space to occur.  But internally, we are constantly changing.  Our cells divide, work, die.  We breathe, moving air within.  Our heart pumps, moving blood through the body.  Our nervous systems send signals and information constantly, consistently, every moment of every day.  Our bones heal, our skin sheds, hormones shift, food digests, energy is harnessed, senses perceive.  And so, if we are fundamentally a different person every day, why would we ever expect for life to stop, to stay the same?


We resist change because we fear it.  We fear losing parts of ourselves that we value, or ways we feel more comfortable, or 'safe'.  We fear losing an identity that has allowed us to connect with others, earn a living, made us part of a family or community.  We resist the changes we yearn for, because we know that in order to become, we must release.  In a world of duality, we become embroiled in the conflict within-the conflict that says that we must sacrifice a part of ourselves in order to gain something new.

What if the sacrifice, or surrender, is the key to our greatest evolution?


We perceive that there is a gap, a black hole of unknown between where we are now, and where we want to be.  We fear taking a step in the direction we desire because we fear the journey.  Our fears tell us that it is a long, hard journey, facing our deepest fears, our oldest demons.  We armor up, weighing ourselves down with every form of protection, wall, barrier we can think of.  And in reality, this is the response that complicates every step of the way.

Each piece of armor you set aside brings you closer to the authentic you.  Each weapon you surrender creates space to express your gifts.  The time you add through these measures can be shortened by relinquishing the temptation to slow everything down.  We believe that evolution takes so much time and energy, but only because we make it so.

Imagine your journey to you, your goals, your truest self as a timeline before you.  See its length, darkness, fear, hesitation, uncertainty.  And now imagine that, like a rope, you can pull it all towards you, shortening the chasm, shortening the fearful journey.  Bend time, bend perception, bend your fear so that it resolves, and becomes the hope, grace, and courage that already lies within you.

Set your hesitation aside, release the complication, and simply BE the greatness that you seek in your world.  It already resides within, it is who you really are.


We are moving deeper into the Age of Aquarius, a magical invitation to evolve with our higher purpose, our calling, and divine meaning.

For those of you wishing to be supported in this, I have a few offerings over the next few weeks, and I would be honored to be part of your journey!  (You can find more info for each below or through the website links provided)

Emerging: Celebrating Imbolc with Emily Phillips & Jennifer Main, 1 February @ 6:30pm GMT

Leo Full Moon: 28 January @ 7pm GMT

Aquarius New Moon: 11 February @ 7pm GMT


Leo: The Sun, Lion, Courage, Pride

We approach a Full Moon in the shining sign of Leo.  We are encouraged to shine brighter, and like the sun, to be generous, sharing love and life with all we encounter.  Allow yourself to be seen, glorious, free, courageous, and light!

Join me in ceremony on Thursday, 28 January and release the limitation within your heart and spirit


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