What is beginning to bloom inside of you? 

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying the eclipse energy, and feeling grounded by Taurus season! 

Because we are between eclipses, I have been doing a lot of healing and meditating on what is evolving within me now, and ways that I am being prepared for the next 6 months and beyond. 

The image/message I keep receiving is on expansion of energy, and allowing it to  move beyond my own contained space, and into the further collective, and our evolution within humanity.

Pluto is now in Aquarius, which connects us with the wider world, and changes that shape a generation. This pulls us out of our smaller issues, and shines light on the collective, so that we are able to heal, not only for ourselves, but also for the wider world, the planet, and everything on this earth. 

I've been shown the growth of flowers and trees over time, and how nature builds, not from reaction and pain, but from a place of higher intelligence and understanding. And we can grow...

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How can you Prepare for Fundamental Change?

Although we are a few weeks into Spring and a new astrological year, things may not feel as 'solid' or formed as we would like for them to be.  We have cardinal energy to inspire us, fire to ignite passion, and the Warrior/Aries energy to give us direction.

But we are also moving towards Eclipse Season (cue dramatic music!) ;)

Each year, I normally spend some time connecting with the eclipses, making plans that work with the energies present, and generally being aware of their effect.

This year is different.  This year, my focus keeps being drawn to the eclipses, and I have been feeling compelled to make them a focus for the year.


Here is just a little bit of info to give some clarity (we'll go deeper during eclipse season)-

The eclipses this year are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  So for those of you with a lot of energy in either sign, you're going to feel it!  And even if you don't, these transits will absolutely effect you too.

Taurus energy centres on...

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Are you complicating the journey to wholeness?

There are periods of life that seem to flip us, our mindsets and trajectories.  We feel ungrounded and unbridled, our common ways of moving no longer support us or facilitate momentum in ways they have before.  These times are our best indication of change coming, an evolution of spirit and being.


Our human forms and patterns are part of an illusion that we are fixed or constant.  We believe that we are these tangible, sensible beings, and that life is the same.  Our skin, scars, physicalness is witnessed every day, the same thoughts and beliefs are present, our surroundings consistently reinforcing the feeling that we remain constant, fixed.  Often times our perceived changes occur on a more subtle level, taking time, energy, space to occur.  But internally, we are constantly changing.  Our cells divide, work, die.  We breathe, moving air within.  Our heart pumps, moving blood through the body.  Our nervous systems send...

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Transformation: The difference between Trade and Become

In a world of contrast and contradiction, we often look for ways to trade one for another. To change one circumstance for another, one relationship for another… But these exchanges take up time, energy, and often leave us wanting. Our comfort zones are limited and limiting, our past experiences colour our perceptions of what is possible to create. We look to the past and to others around us to see what is on offer, because we believe that we need to follow. But if we are always following the past, we never create a different future, we only create what has been.

We watch other women to see what is acceptable as a woman. We look to other men to act in ways that are expected. We emulate leaders and others in places of power to fill those roles. We watch teachers in an attempt to teach others, or ourselves.

We listen to the stories of our ancestors’ suffering and pain and assume we will endure the same. We read the stories of our histories, full of abuse, pain, and waste,...

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