Which Virtues do you Choose to Live?

Hello beautiful beings, I've just finished teaching a group of awesome souls over the weekend, and am feeling energised and inspired! These occasions bring me back to evaluating what inspires me, a reminder to continue to build my life around ideals, events, and people that contribute to what I value.

I spoke in class yesterday about three words or qualities that continue to be a part of this, year after year: Vision, Wisdom, & Wonder

I have been interviewing and learning from a few incredible people over the past month (I'll be sharing more in the near future), and was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with Davide de Angelis last week, delving into the meaning of what it means to be a Visionary. He has built his life around his great capacity to live and create art through this ability. Having this ability means that we are able to see into the future, and to be inspired by what lies beyond our current circumstances, enabling us to create beyond the known. It...

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Are you complicating the journey to wholeness?

There are periods of life that seem to flip us, our mindsets and trajectories.  We feel ungrounded and unbridled, our common ways of moving no longer support us or facilitate momentum in ways they have before.  These times are our best indication of change coming, an evolution of spirit and being.


Our human forms and patterns are part of an illusion that we are fixed or constant.  We believe that we are these tangible, sensible beings, and that life is the same.  Our skin, scars, physicalness is witnessed every day, the same thoughts and beliefs are present, our surroundings consistently reinforcing the feeling that we remain constant, fixed.  Often times our perceived changes occur on a more subtle level, taking time, energy, space to occur.  But internally, we are constantly changing.  Our cells divide, work, die.  We breathe, moving air within.  Our heart pumps, moving blood through the body.  Our nervous systems send...

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Are you Adding, when you could Grow Exponentially?

Are you trying to simply Cause an Effect, when you could Revolusionise your World?

We look for ways to add to our lives, when we could be multiplying, growing exponentially in power, influence, grace, glory.

We focus on subtracting infinitesimal barriers and blocks, making minute adjustments.

But we could refine ALL that stands in the way of our gifts, our calling.


You may believe that you are healing, but are you simply creating temporary relief, just enough to get by, just enough to survive?

Are you fooling yourself into remaining in survival, when you could actually make it possible to thrive?


We feel more comfortable changing in small increments, tiny steps, small thinking, only focusing on what we feel we are capable of changing, one bit at a time. We make a small adjustment with consumption, a little change with our buying habits, tiny changes in our ways of thinking or seeing, which create a finite and limited impact. You plant a small seed in depleted soil,...

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How are you navigating the Liminal Space?

Hello Tribe! I hope that you are well on this sunny morning! I wanted to send a note of reassurance and encouragement, as we move through the magic of this eclipse season.

Periods of transition and change can often be the most unsettling of times. We can feel uncertain about the next step, afraid of the unknown, or worried that we'll make the wrong decision.

The reality is that these liminal spaces, the space between who we were and who we will become, are actually pretty magical. These are the areas where we are least set in how things are supposed to be, and in what your life has to become. There is enough spaciousness within ourselves, our minds, our lives, for bigger movement, more stretching, deeper growth.

So while we are not in our comfort zones (which is often where your subconscious mind prefers to be) the reward for taking the risk will always outweigh the fear.

Your best option at these time, is not to hesitate, but to take the next step. Often, when we feel lost or...

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How do you respond to Fear?

Fear is one of my favorite topics. Ever.
I love the ways in which people respond when you touch upon fear. Usually, they either dive into the conversation, happy for an outlet or opportunity to process and understand, or clam up, close off, sink down.
We all have fears, and there will always be a degree of fear in our experiences, but what I find fascinating is the ways in which we respond to the fears within.

Really, we have two choices:
1. Face the fears, do our best to understand them, and then deal with the ‘stuff’ that we have attached.
2. Avoid it.

The problem with option 2 is that you don’t really get to avoid it. You can try. You can blind yourself, numb yourself, run away, but ultimately, your fears will not resolve until you choose option 1.
I am always able to recognize the most successful, balanced, harmonious people based on how they respond to fear.

Here is the truth about fear (which you will hopefully find to be a huge relief):
Fear is a lie.
Your fears...

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