Can you ever really return home?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope you are enjoying the end of the harvest season as you move towards the winter months! I have just arrived in North Carolina for the first time in 3.5 years, and through conversations with friends, reminders of old habits, and a return of the mind to the past, have been pondering whether we can return to anything fully. The paradoxes and contrasts that have surfaced have been interesting, and it feels that many of us will be facing the same questions, consciously or unconsciously over the coming weeks...


Greek Philosopher Heraclitus stated, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

The water is refreshed every second, levels rise and fall, the bed changes, the banks erode to new shapes. And so do we. Change is inevitable, nothing stays the same. And anytime we try to return, or recreate the past, there will be new ingredients, information, input. While we may believe on one...

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Are you Lacking, or Learning?

The Difference between Progress and Process

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who attended (live or after) our Activating your Inherent Gifts event on Sunday!  I deeply appreciate our time together, and the insights and healing that we share!

As I was preparing last week, a new thought came to mind: Are you Lacking, or are you Learning? It made me stop and reassess what is going on in my life...

Like many over the past few months, things have slowed down with work, and I have been working through ways to pivot and compensate for the global changes that are affecting all of us.  And, as we humans can do, I was becoming increasing critical of what I might be doing wrong, where I was missing something, the ways I am lacking in skill or know-how.

When we make perspectives black/white or right/wrong, it pulls us into the extremes of a polarity (I wrote about this recently), and can feel pretty lost or hopeless there.  So getting out of a...

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Are you complicating the journey to wholeness?

There are periods of life that seem to flip us, our mindsets and trajectories.  We feel ungrounded and unbridled, our common ways of moving no longer support us or facilitate momentum in ways they have before.  These times are our best indication of change coming, an evolution of spirit and being.


Our human forms and patterns are part of an illusion that we are fixed or constant.  We believe that we are these tangible, sensible beings, and that life is the same.  Our skin, scars, physicalness is witnessed every day, the same thoughts and beliefs are present, our surroundings consistently reinforcing the feeling that we remain constant, fixed.  Often times our perceived changes occur on a more subtle level, taking time, energy, space to occur.  But internally, we are constantly changing.  Our cells divide, work, die.  We breathe, moving air within.  Our heart pumps, moving blood through the body.  Our nervous systems send...

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How are you navigating the Liminal Space?

Hello Tribe! I hope that you are well on this sunny morning! I wanted to send a note of reassurance and encouragement, as we move through the magic of this eclipse season.

Periods of transition and change can often be the most unsettling of times. We can feel uncertain about the next step, afraid of the unknown, or worried that we'll make the wrong decision.

The reality is that these liminal spaces, the space between who we were and who we will become, are actually pretty magical. These are the areas where we are least set in how things are supposed to be, and in what your life has to become. There is enough spaciousness within ourselves, our minds, our lives, for bigger movement, more stretching, deeper growth.

So while we are not in our comfort zones (which is often where your subconscious mind prefers to be) the reward for taking the risk will always outweigh the fear.

Your best option at these time, is not to hesitate, but to take the next step. Often, when we feel lost or...

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How do you respond to Fear?

Fear is one of my favorite topics. Ever.
I love the ways in which people respond when you touch upon fear. Usually, they either dive into the conversation, happy for an outlet or opportunity to process and understand, or clam up, close off, sink down.
We all have fears, and there will always be a degree of fear in our experiences, but what I find fascinating is the ways in which we respond to the fears within.

Really, we have two choices:
1. Face the fears, do our best to understand them, and then deal with the ‘stuff’ that we have attached.
2. Avoid it.

The problem with option 2 is that you don’t really get to avoid it. You can try. You can blind yourself, numb yourself, run away, but ultimately, your fears will not resolve until you choose option 1.
I am always able to recognize the most successful, balanced, harmonious people based on how they respond to fear.

Here is the truth about fear (which you will hopefully find to be a huge relief):
Fear is a lie.
Your fears...

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