Are you feeling trapped within the ways of the Past?

Over the past few weeks, I've written about the Hedonist and the Purist. Time to dive into the mindset of the Conformist.

The Conformist finds comfort in what has already been established, the known path, inside of the comfort zone. They are more likely to lean towards tradition, what is already known or accepted, finding comfort in the past.

Like the other 2 ideologies, there is a time an place to lean into conformity. When we tap into ancient wisdom or practices, we walk the path of wisdom. When we seek a mentor or leader/guide to support, we are tapping into what has been tried and tested, enabling us to hopefully make fewer mistakes or face lesser obstacles along the way.

But here we are in Aquarius season, where conformity is rebelled against, rejected, shunned. At times like this, we are thrown into the kaleidoscope, where the comfortable or predictable are less present or unrecognisable. And so at times like this, there may be less of a place to conform, and...

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Are you able to cultivate new Hope?

Hello human beings, I hope you are enjoying the lightness of this New Moon!  I always feel a little bit lucky and lighter around a new moon, but this one in particular has some 'magic' to it.  Not magic in a flighty, insincere way.  It has a deep, grounded, tangible, presence... 

We entered into Aquarius Season over a week ago, and with the shift in energy, I have been feeling more HOPE.

Hope hasn't always felt tangible over the past few years.  There has been a lot of change, delay, and uncertainty, which over a prolonged period of time, can begin to wear away the shine.

But it is at these times that Hope is really learned.  It is through practice of active hope that we really are able to embody this powerful virtue.  

Hope is not a passing fancy, a lazy wish.  Hope is not indecision.  It is not illusion, or an attempt to fool ourselves (though we often try to use it in this way).

Hope is an...

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