Are you Adding, when you could Grow Exponentially?

Are you trying to simply Cause an Effect, when you could Revolusionise your World?

We look for ways to add to our lives, when we could be multiplying, growing exponentially in power, influence, grace, glory.

We focus on subtracting infinitesimal barriers and blocks, making minute adjustments.

But we could refine ALL that stands in the way of our gifts, our calling.


You may believe that you are healing, but are you simply creating temporary relief, just enough to get by, just enough to survive?

Are you fooling yourself into remaining in survival, when you could actually make it possible to thrive?


We feel more comfortable changing in small increments, tiny steps, small thinking, only focusing on what we feel we are capable of changing, one bit at a time. We make a small adjustment with consumption, a little change with our buying habits, tiny changes in our ways of thinking or seeing, which create a finite and limited impact. You plant a small seed in depleted soil,...

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