Can you create without weapons, change without fear?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are embracing the Peaceful Warrior within you during this eclipse season!

The question that keeps coming through ask us: How can we fight without fighting?

Throughout this entire eclipse season we have been immersed in the themes of Mars: loyalty, dedication, and of finding a Mission that is Worthy.

When Mars, or we, are in our shadow, we may find that we want to fight, argue, be Right. Our anger may flare up, frustration tries to move us forward, to find a focus to follow. We know that the path of anger is one that is detrimental, that brings out our weaknesses, and leaves us feeling exhausted, flat, defeated.

But if we can identify and understand the Purpose within us, we can embody the gifts of these transits, and live as the inner 'Guru' that we truly are.

The Guru is not one that seeks worship, praise, or disempowerment. The Inner Guru leads us to the Divine, Soul, it takes our prayers to God/Source, so that we can abide with...

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