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The ReMembering Collective:

Roadmap for Awakening Dharma & Purpose

Over the past few years, I have offered events based on the seasons and astrological events, to help create awareness of natural cycles, and to harness the transformative ability within them. I have decided to add elements of teaching, meditation, and healing in a more linear way, so that we not only understand the themes present, but embody the wisdom that is naturally offered within each season.

Our Collective includes Seasonal Events (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses, Mid-Season), and group calls that include comprehensive teaching of the fundamentals of Awakening, Healing, and Purpose. These are offered to not only demystify the cycles of human and soul, but to help you to navigate them with conscious choice, truly welcoming the gifts that life has to offer. Below, you will find more about the overall themes and specific teachings offered. You are welcome to simply join for a single event, or for as long as you are called!

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Included Every Season: 

  • A clear focus for a Season with 2-3 online events per month.¬†The 6 teaching calls have been scheduled¬†every other week,¬†to give you time to integrate and apply the learning. Also included are 3-4 Seasonal Events, which focus on the themes and energies from the present astrological seasons and transits, the energy of each season, and what supports the journey from one to the next.
  • Access to all Event videos,¬†held within the membership site library. The library holds videos from the past few seasons and more, a wealth of¬†wisdom and healing!
  • Transpersonal Healing, of mind, body, and spirit, is one of the major¬†components of every event. The teachings are developed to help¬†uncover awareness of the past for deep resolution, enabling clarity in the present moment
  • Resolution¬†of Ancestral, Past Life, & Collective Consciousness levels,¬†held within us all, also feature strongly in at least 1 call each season, though also addressed in multiple ways throughout. We know that much of our perspective and conditioning stems from the¬†experiences of the past, and while we are proud to build on healthy teachings and wisdom, we are also called to set aside outdated thinking and¬†limitation from the past.
  • Creating Rhythm and a sense of flow, throughout each season, and from one to the next. We¬†will connect over 6 Teaching/Healing calls with content covering the theme,¬†in addition to the online events celebrating and harnessing the energy of the Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses, and mid-Season Days. These change each Season,¬†and¬†tapping into the energies of these days serves to bring more awareness of time, transits, portals, and potential periods of change.
  • 20% discount on all 1:1 Sessions¬†with Jennifer (Transformational Session, or¬†Natal Chart Reading)
  • Free access to any additional online events offered
  • Written guidance and regular updates from Jennifer¬†to help you create your own rituals and practices, and gain awareness of what may be affecting you personally.

What Members are Saying...

"Wow, just wanted to say this ceremony was amazing and exactly what I needed! I feel like I’ve been really expanding into having love and compassion for all, and deepening into love and service. I will definitely repeat this ceremony a few times. Thank you so much!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the new moon ceremony. It was such a powerful moment. I felt truly vibrant, within all my body. I am really, really grateful, and feel it was greatly needed."

"Jennifer is absolutely amazing in what she does. I know that when I struggle with something and I can't quite see the full perspective myself, she will be able to go much deeper with me to find the root cause of the struggle. I love the way Jennifer teaches, merging knowledge with deeper understanding and supporting everyone throughout the growth process. Jennifer has fantastic detachment from the unimportant stuff and makes her sessions and workshops light and funny even if you work through some heavy stuff. I see this as absolute key for creating easy progress, you know there is no judgement at all, just the understanding and support in overcoming yourself."

The Summer: Turning Wounds into Wisdom

Archetypal Collective Stories, The Hero's Journey, the Path of Becoming

20 June- 22 September

This container was created to help the healers, practitioners, teachers, and leaders who are wholly inspired to be of service, without trauma or 'ego' creating difficulties along the way.

In our astrology charts, much of this shows up with Chiron, The Wounded Healer. This archetype represents our deepest wounds, the ones that often take the most time and understanding to completely heal. These wounds are often the ones that shape our outlook and identity, both in healthy and unhealthy ways...

But for those who serve, the wounding that you heal can help you to lead others to their own resolution, with deep empathy and understanding. It can be your super power, once you have really taken the steps to heal yourself first. So I want to help you to resolve your deepest wounds, so that you can be of better service to the planet, and gain clarity on who you want to work with (possibly your niche or ideal client), to express what you do with more clarity, and it will help to clear the subconscious filters and fears that make your work harder.

You will receive access to a recording, explaining various placements, including the importance of Chiron, the North & South Nodes, and a few major astrological placements. And we will gain more clarity on your work as a healer/practitioner, on what has worked in the past, and what will help you to more deeply align with the work you are meant to be doing!


In short, this offering is for you if you fit one of 2 options:

  1. You already work within a role where you heal/lead/teach, and you would like to increase skill and awareness with what you already do (and get out of your own way, making you more effective)!
  2. You would like to be a better leader/teacher/guide in all that you do as a human being, without the old wounds motivating unhealthy reactions and choices.



  • Six¬†calls to delve into the content, and to heal your obstacles in real time! You are invited to join us live if possible, and/or watch the recordings at your convenience.
  • A recording to more deeply understand¬†the Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendent, Chiron, and North Nodes, which shape much of who you are, the ways you serve, and your Dharma/Destiny in this lifetime.
  • Time to delve into the following themes: Leadership, Being a Teacher/Guide, Visibility (being seen, heard, recognised for the amazing being that you already are), the common obstacles to these (Drama Triangle, old wounds and fears, your reactions to the world around you), and your Deepest, Oldest Wounds, your Gifts & Virtues, and More!
  • Daily Rituals/Practices best suited to you and your Divine Purpose
  • Optional: You are encouraged to add a¬†1:1 session¬†or¬†Chart Reading¬†with Jennifer, if there is anything additional needing addressed outside of the group calls. Any members receive a 20% discount, please get in touch for options!


Seasonal Events: Summer Solstice: 20 June /  Cross-Quarter Day: 1 August /  Pisces Lunar Eclipse: 17 September / Autumn Equinox: 22 September

  • 26 June - Navigating Polarities for Re-Union: Historical Wounding of the psyche, and the ways trauma presents in stories through time, The Spectrum of Polarities and creating Harmony & Union within
  • 10 July - the Inner Child, Family Stories, the Impact of Karmic Cycles: Family wounding & ancestral karma, the Feminine/Masculine dynamic and how these present from childhood on, Past Life cycles of Karma, the Drama Triangle & Inner Child wounding dynamics
  • 24 July - Universal Archetypes, Collective Story, Your Blueprint: the role of Story in your life, and how you can begin to re-write your journey of Purpose, Shadows within the archetypes and how they motivate
  • 7 August - Resonance & Creation, Shadow to Light: Recognising your personal Archetypes and ways they hinder or serve, enabling you to choose a different way of expression
  • 21 August - Creating your Calling, Living as a Leader: Your Calling as a Leader or Healer, Collective Archetypal stories and their influences upon the individual and collective
  • 4 September - The Genius of your True Nature: How your individual Wounds can show you your path of Dharma, Purpose, and Timing

*This program has been offered by Jennifer in a similar format before, and further details can be found HERE. The details have evolved, but the page should give you a better idea of the feel of the content and insight offered.

**If you would like to add a Natal Chart Reading to help deepen your understanding of your specific wounding patterns/history, you are welcome to book in with the membership discount saving you 20%!

The Autumn:  Initiation & Becoming the Elder

The Vehicle, The Process, Direction for Awakening

22 September-20 December

Seasonal Events: Autumn Equinox: 22 September / Libra Solar Eclipse: 2 October / Ancestral Connection: 1 November / Winter Solstice: 20 December

  • Cycles of Life, Seasons, Transits that influence our growth, and how to embrace and work with the cycles, instead of against them, The Change Curve
  • Karmic vs Soul Cycles, and ways to recognise what you are unconsciously choosing that creates drama or suffering
  • Death & Rebirth, how to navigate the Liminal Space within and between them, with more clarity and grace
  • Death Practices, Death Doors, and ways to welcome the endings that serve your evolution
  • Layering of Stories, Time, Identity, Ancestral & Past Life influences, and the ability to recognise how they connect in present time
  • ¬†Time, timing, an understanding of navigating the linear as an Eternal Soul
  • Soul, Eternal, Eternity, and the Awakenings present as a human when we embody both Earthly and Divine

Winter Season: Intuition

Clarity, Truth, Openness to Receiving, Communication

20 December-19 March

Seasonal Events: 20 December: Winter Solstice / 1 February: Imbolc / 19 March: Spring Equinox

  • The 5 Intuitive Senses & Practices to Develop,¬†The Nervous System, Senses, Perception, The Window of Tolerance
  • Common misunderstandings, fears, and blocks to being Intuitive, Intuitive Development over the years, life as an Intuitive Child through Adulthood
  • Sight, Clairvoyance, Intuitive Seeing, the Eyes, Dreams, Visualisation, Truth vs Perception, and how Intuition invites more Truth into our lives
  • Empathy, Empathic Senses, Emotions & Feelings, the Gut and lower Chakras, Setting energetic Boundaries to enhance and clarify your perception
  • Hearing, the Ears, Sound, Inner Dialogue, Communication
  • Knowing, Belief vs Intuition, the Brain, Thought Processes, Interpretation of Information
  • Living as a Channel for the Divine, Embodiment of all of the Senses, Integration through the 7 Chakras, Connecting with various Planes

All calls will be held at 7pm for 60-90 minutes, and recordings will be uploaded just after the event finishes.

The ReMembering Collective may be a great fit for you if...

  • You¬†deeply desire greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. Each season, we bridge the liminal space between divine and human, so that you can bring your Soul awareness into the every day.
  • You want to really live your Purpose, and are tired of feeling off track, delayed, or confused about what that would actually look like or feel like in your life.
  • You know that you are intuitive on some level, but feel disconnected from your intuition. Or are afraid of your intuitive senses! The healing and instruction will help you to embrace and embody this innate gift, so that you can follow your own inner compass, with grounded clarity
  • You know on some level that you create your reality, but are¬†less than clear on how to choose consciously, so that your life reflects your deeper desires. You want healthier practices, more loving relationships, and an understanding of what creates conscious choice instead of unconscious habit.
  • You know that everything that happens to you has some sense of rhyme or reason, but you sometimes struggle to make the connection with the why. Your wounds cloud your vision and keep you 'small', and instead of feeling judgement and regret, you want to turn this into¬†wisdom for your own awakening
  • You know that life¬†moves in cycles, but you fear the endings, and worry about the beginnings. You want to have a greater understanding of what it feels like to be more in flow with your path, so that you can consciously choose what will support you, instead of fighting against it.

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Emily Phillips

"I have worked one-to-one with Jen for a number of years and she has provided unwavering support during major life changes and challenging experiences. Her laser-like intuitive guidance and vast knowledge is a special gift, and her calm, grounded and playful approach has helped me to shift perspectives and root into a healthier mindset and embodiment around who I am being and how I’m choosing to live. Since working with Jen, I’ve noticed the courage to lean into my unique version of leadership and expression has expanded, which has improved the flow and success of my relationships, my business, happiness and overall sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend joining Jen, either one-to-one or in one of her group programmes as a supportive structure for your own journey."

The Beginnings of Awakening

Learn more about the path of Awakening, and the various steps along the way. These are the philosophies that we follow through the year of the ReMembering Collective teachings and events.


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