The Philosophies behind my Approach...


My Points of View...

I have spent my life and career deepening my understanding of Intuition, Healing, Conscious Boundaries, Dharma & Purpose, Initiation, many aspects of Religion, Philosophy, & Spirituality, and these have shaped and informed my path. I believe that there are many paths to Truth and Wholeness, and that each and all of these facets of life can lead us to our own lived understanding of who we are, and why we are here.

Intuition: Whether you view this a intuitive senses, psychic skill, or simply that inner 'knowing', I see Intuition as our innate Compass that leads us to truth, beyond our beliefs and conditioning. We are born from energy, and because we are energy, we are able to perceive it, see it, hear it, feel it, know it. It is our birthright to be intuitive, and when we dismiss, ignore, or shut down these gifts, we shut ourselves off from most of existence. Many of our mental, physical, and spiritual problems stem from a fear or perceived disconnection from our intuitive senses, and ability to receive the information that is all around us. When we are open to that connection, we have a more complete picture and understanding of what is really happening within and around us.

Healing: We can have many varied reasons for seeking healing. Some are seeking relief, some want resolution within relationships and patterns. Many are seeking to finish karmic cycles and stories that play out over and over again. But I believe that we can miss the greatest reasons for seeking healing and resolution. I believe that our healing allows us to be more present, aware and awake, in the present moment. When we operate from old perspectives, we live in the past, and continue to project old pain, and repeat the patterns until we understand them. When we understand, we enter into the deep NOW. And in this moment is where anything and everything happens. The deep now is where we enter into eternity, where time no longer dictates our view on life. And it is within that moment that we are truly peaceful and powerful. When we no longer run from the past, or fear the future, we are able to respond to life instead of react, and we can consciously choose our experience, instead of unconsciously repeating what we are trying to run away from. Healing allows us to and feel what aligns, without the old imprints motivating us.

Wounding: We each have patterns of wounding that cycle through our life and lives. They reoccur because they have the greatest lessons to teach, and can indicate our greatest opportunities for awakening. Once these have been resolved and understood, they can also show the path for service and our Dharma. Through this we often develop empathy, compassion, wisdom, and other virtues that can help us to guide and support others along their own paths. If we have the courage to face the suffering, and embrace the understanding that follows, we show up as greater leaders, healers, artists, and human beings.

Finding Purpose=>Service: We are all seeking purpose and meaning in our lives. And what I have witnessed over and over again, is that we are meant to be of Service. We serve in our work, our families, our communities, by showing up as our most authentic selves. When we seek to be of service in the healthiest of ways, we not only heal our own past, but we help others to do the same. And we are always most fulfilled when we have an impact through this, because we are built to serve.

Initiation: Cycles of Initiation can be more confusing because they are complex. These cycles evolve over time and space, rarely linear, or witnessed in ways our logical minds can process. These are cycles of life and death, endings and beginnings, release of identity and attachment to the Ego, ever spiraling into our deeper selves.  We often fight this because we fear it. We fear losing a label or identity that we have worked so hard to build, even when it creates suffering. We fear ending dynamics within relationships, because it gave us a place or way to fit in, even at our own detriment. It requires us to end our suffering and unconscious choice, so that we can evolve into something more. When we understand and embrace these cycles, we connect with Soul, Dharma, Purpose, and a life that feels more worth living. These cycles show up within our careers, friendships, partnerships, family dynamics, and the natural cycles within our bodies and minds. We can embrace the complexity, but through understanding how we can actively participate, it all becomes simpler, easier, more graceful to navigate.


A deeper dive into the experiences that guide me...

My fascinations and experiences have guided and shaped me over the years, influencing both who I am as a person, the ways I show up in the world, and the way that I serve.

Since I was a small child, I have been very, very psychic or intuitive. I was able to feel the energy of a room or person, and see things that others were not able to see. When I was little, I thought it was my imagination, or that it was strange. Nobody else was talking about it. Over the years I have come to understand that in fact, we are all intuitive, but that some of us may be attuned a little more, and/or more accepting of this. I have since learned that I have Hyperphantasia, which means that I take in an enormous amount of intuitive and energetic information. For many years, I struggled with this, feeling overwhelmed and over stimulated. I coped by attemtping to dampen these abilities, but have learned that they are actually my greatest gifts. And that by creating conscious energetic boundaries, and learning more about the energetic world, it is no longer something I have to fight, but something that is innately part of me, to embrace and use.

I grew up in a fairly religious household and extended family, which included my attendance at weekly church services and youth groups. I struggled with a lot of the dogma that was taught through the years, but I have also been able to appreciate the lessons in love, the Christ Consciousness, and what it is to serve a community. One of my greatest lessons was to 'take the best leave the rest' from those teachings. I learned from an early age to discern higher truth from opinion and perspective. And this has served me as I have learned various modalities, philosophies, and teaching about how to live. Instead of rejecting all of it, I carry with me what allows me to thrive, and love more deeply.

By bringing together the healthy teachings of my childhood, along with my intuitive senses, I am able to recognise that we all have a Dharma, we all have a purpose. It lives and breathes within us. When we fight it, we suffer. When we understand it, we are able to deepen our wisdom, and our impact on the world. When each of us understands our innate gifts, and takes the best from our experiences, we can see a path before us. It has been there all along, but we often need time or perspective to recognise the sign posts and patterns. As we put the pieces together, Dharma unfolds. 

And as we heal our past hurts, misunderstandings, and lack of Truth, we Awaken.

My History (the short version)

My professional and spiritual journey:

Over the past 27+ years, I have dedicated my time and energy to learning all that I can about the subconscious mind, identity, creation, consciousness, quantum mechanics, and all aspects of Soul Purpose and Embodiment.  I was awarded a BSc in Psychology in 2001 and worked with youth and adults with complex needs for over a decade in the USA and UK. I began to delve more into healing and philosophy in 2008, certified as an Acu-detox Specialist, and as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009.  Later that year, I also certified as a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, travelling across Europe and to America to continue my training with the founder, to become one of the leading instructors of Theta Healing in the United Kingdom.
Over the past few years, my training has taken me deeper into plant and natural medicine, supporting my own growth and transformation, along with Leadership and Flow Performance Training with Jamie Wheal & the Flow Genome Project. I have gratefully served as a mentor for the Flow Genome Project's Leading Through Fire course, and in 2022, received a Professional Certificate with the Alef Trust, in their Altered States, Psychedelics, and Transpersonal Psychology Programme.

Accreditations: BSc Psychology, Prof Cert in Altered States, Psychedelics, & Transpersonal Psychology, Theta Healing Master & Certificate of Science, Kambo & Rapeh Practitioner, Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner & Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Acu-detox Specialist

Emma Sedlak

-Actor, Writer, Singer, Creative Artist

“Jennifer is an immensely supportive teacher with a gift for relating to each of her students individually.

She makes everyone feel comfortable and challenged simultaneously, and each class is a journey.

I have been a student of Jennifer’s through four courses, and she has taught each one with amazing perception and compassion.”

Alisoun Mackenzie

-Compassionate Business Mentor

Since experiencing a session with Jennifer, my life has never been the same – I feel like I’ve joined a wonderful super highway of peace, happiness and abundance, that I can access at any time! Jennifer is one of the most naturally gifted and generous energy healers I know, she connects really well with others, and gets great results. My session with her was both amazing and profound. I’d thoroughly recommend her as a therapist and business partner.

Maya Badran

-Master & Cert of Science, Official Rep of Theta Healing Dubai

‚ÄúIf you are ready to experience a BIG shift and extraordinary changes, I highly recommend that you book a session with Jennifer Main. She is a great psychic and a very honorable healer. Every time we worked together online, I‚Äôve had amazing shifts afterwards. Her kindness and laughter are the cherry on the top!¬† Bless you Jennifer for helping me witness all the amazing miracles!‚ÄĚ

The Teachings, methods of Divination, & studied Philosophies that inform what that I do: 

Astrology: The more I study, the more the world makes sense. I do not believe that our charts dictate our lives, but they can help us to make sense of our natural inclinations, the paths we choose, and why we are affected in the ways that we are. I find that by delving into the aspects of the planetary bodies, I have learned more about human archetypes and the stories we tell, how we relate to those around us, and generally the bigger picture of life. And the astrological cycles of life have helped me to more deeply understand and accept endings and beginnings as a natural part of life, so that I can work with them, with clarity around the bigger picture. This has supported my own journey of healing and evolution, and informed my practice in immeasurable ways.

Transpersonal Psychology: the philosophies and practices within the Transpersonal recognise the mind and body, but more importantly have a holistic approach, recognising that we are more than human, and that we seek to understand the mystical and timeless nature of ourselves. We want to understand who we really are, and why we are here at this time. I was introduced to the concepts and foundations of Transpersonal Psychology with my course with the Alef Trust (Prof Cert Altered States, Psychedelics, & Transpersonal Psychology). The main philosophy guiding is that we as humans are body, mind, and spirit, with an emphasis on the unseen. And that we are always seeking more than the tangible, that we know that there is 'something' beyond the physical, and that there is greater meaning to be found. 

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