Who I work with...


The beautiful beings that I serve...

The work that I do with my clients, students, and initiates can often feen intangible or ineffable. But I wanted to try to put into words the types of people that come to me, in the hopes that you will recognise whether there is resonance, a recognition of kindred spirits, sharing a similar language or experience, with a desire to navigate the unknown, towards higher ground.

The majority of those who connect with me are, on some level, intuitive, highly sensitive, empathic, and very connected with the energetic world. They may call themselves Psychic, Intuitive, or simply know that they are connected energetically beyond the physical world. Often because of their intuitive dispositions, they tend to work, volunteer, or serve within the Healing/Caring/Guiding realm. They may use these roles in their careers, but often in their personal lives as well. They tend to be the people in their families who seek peace and resolution, who want to break family patterns, who may be people pleasers, and often struggle with healthy boundaries.

I often work closely with Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, those operating within the Creative Realms. These are the souls seeking profound expression, with a desire to bring the intangible into the human plane. They bring beauty to the world, courageously share their hearts and dreams with others, and make this earth a more wondrous place to live. These creatives are also often very intuitive, sensitive, and most likely have not followed the beaten path. They may struggle with the 'normal' working hours or careers, having found that fitting in was painful, or restricting. They are seeking ways of living and creating to use their gifts, while creating connection and community to support this.

And closely related are the Leaders and Pioneers. They are at the forefront of thought, industry, always at the edge of the liminal, creating paths for those that follow. They often desire to understand their own inner compass, so that they can engage their intuition in clearer, more grounded ways. This group may feel bored or restricted with the 'way its always been done'. They know that there is another option, one that is healthier, more efficient, more expansive, brings better results, and they want to bring others along who align with their missions.

And the final group, which possibly encompasses all of these identities, are the Modern Mystics, and the Psychonauts. These beings know that there is more to life than what is tangible, visible, or recognised within the physical realm. They know that there are ways to tap into higher states of consciousness, and often seek ways to bridge them through various practices and activities. These can include breathwork, meditation, yoga, psychedelics and natural medicines, live music/shows, ecstatic dance, high-risk activities such as sky diving or extreme sports. They know it is possible to reach higher states of being through various practices and activities, and have dedicated their energy and efforts to making this possible. They often see higher possibilities for the world, they desire to live more in a state of expansion and unconditional love.

Below, I have added some categories to help clarify, feel free to scroll through to see what calls you or resonates!

We likely share view points...

On Spirituality...

You may understand that there are many paths to God, Creation, Source, the Divine. You have probably explored various religions, modalities, or philosophies, seeking deeper truths. You may follow one more closely, but you are open to connecting with higher consciousness in whatever way it comes, less attached to the dogma, more open to understanding.

On Health and the Human Body...

You know that there is a direct connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and that the body responds to thought, focus, energy. You may have sought out alternative therapies or meditation to help you with ongoing health issues, seeking relief or a better quality of life through a more holistic approach. You know that changing your perspective, emotional state, habits and conditioning have a direct impact on your physical body and life, and that they are not separate.

You are deeply called or inspired by the works of...

Deepak Chopra, Pema Chodrom, Ram Dass, Dr Joe Dispenza, Brene' Brown, Danielle LaPorte, Marianne Williamson, Susan Piver, Marie Kondo, David Whyte, John O'Donohue, Ichiro Kishimi, Michael Pollan, Jamie Wheal, Ted Chiang, Paulo Coelho, Davide de Angelis, Android Jones

You find yourself frequently talking about...

You are dedicated to exploring your Purpose, and who/what you really are. You know that we are all here for a reason, and that what you are and do matters. You have a desire to be of service to the world, because you understand that this is what brings true fulfillment. You may study or discuss points within Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Carl Jung, Archetypes, Transpersonal Psychology, in an attempt to understand yourself more fully.

Your hopes and dreams for life...

Your dreams are not small or ordinary. Nor are they ego-driven illusion. Your dreams are grounded in a desire to have an impact through service. You know that your sense of fulfillment depends on this, and you spend time considering what will make you more effective and impactful, in your work and relationships

You may be inspired to travel, not to get away from your daily life, but to enhance it. You love to meet new people and cultures, try new food, have your mind expanded through art and architecture, and to see the world through the eyes of others. 

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My History (the short version)

My professional and spiritual journey:

Over the past 27+ years, I have dedicated my time and energy to learning all that I can about the subconscious mind, identity, creation, consciousness, quantum mechanics, and all aspects of Soul Purpose and Embodiment.  I was awarded a BSc in Psychology in 2001 and worked with youth and adults with complex needs for over a decade in the USA and UK. I began to delve more into healing and philosophy in 2008, certified as an Acu-detox Specialist, and as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009.  Later that year, I also certified as a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, travelling across Europe and to America to continue my training with the founder, to become one of the leading instructors of Theta Healing in the United Kingdom.
Over the past few years, my training has taken me deeper into plant and natural medicine, supporting my own growth and transformation, along with Leadership and Flow Performance Training with Jamie Wheal & the Flow Genome Project. I have gratefully served a few times as a mentor for the Flow Genome Project's Leading Through Fire course. And in 2022, completed my course with the Alef Trust, in their Altered States, Psychedelics, and Transpersonal Psychology Professional Certificate Programme.

Accreditations: BSc Psychology, Prof Cert in Altered States, Psychedelics, & Transpersonal Psychology, Theta Healing Master & Certificate of Science, Kambo & Rapeh Practitioner, Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner & Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Acu-detox Specialist