A Day for Rebirth

Navigate the Initiation Process with Grace & Flow

What is Initiation?

Your life IS an initiatory process, filled with periods of great change and growth.  You are not a static being, you never stay the same, because the energy we come from, consciousness, is never static, never fixed.

We have our own rhythms of life, which continually facilitate endings and beginnings.  Our bodies heal, our minds change, our work and relationships ebb and flow, as we witness our inner world change, and the impact unfolds into the world around us.


Breathe in... breathe out...

Witness the journey of the air through your body.

Close your eyes... tune into yourself...

Witness your awareness opening, blooming, vibrant and colourful.


Everything about you, around you, within you, is in process, on its way towards becoming...

What will you choose to become?

Can you open to Awakening?

Join Jennifer for an afternoon of deep immersion, into the awakening powers of your own consciousness.

You are invited to enter, to dive deep within yourself, your heart, spirit, soul.  An ocean of consciousness moves through you, and you can awaken to the wonder and the WHY that inspires creation.

All that is required is a desire to become the witness for yourself, and the ways that life dances within, the ways that the universe expresses itself through you.

We will spend our time together in meditation, contemplation, asking the BIG questions, the ones that really matter...

Who am I?  Why am I here?

By the end of the day, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, of your purpose, and the path that has been informing, providing answers, synchronicities, and opportunities to explore the greatest adventure of all... YOU.

Begin Life Anew...

Much of our effort and energies are invested in working through small issues, doing lots for little.  But as you expand, you can begin to see how everything in your life connects.  Your physical health is the same as your emotional.  Your finances reflect your mind.  Your relationships show you the ways in which you thrive and the areas in which you suffer.

So instead of working through the symptoms and by-products, why not harness the power of the bigger picture, and bring the future healing and solutions into your present moment?

By purposefully stepping into the Initiatory Process, you allow yourself and your life to change more quickly and much more gracefully than the times you resisted or refused the change being offered (and the change you have been asking for!)  Allow yourself to receive and realise all that you have been delaying and denying.  Feel the energy building, and welcome it, within and around you!

Embody the Elements...

We will delve into the power of the elements, to learn to work with these forces, as a tool for creation.  Allow the Fire, Air, Water, Earth to move you, to feed you, to guide the wisdom within

Ignite your Intuition...

Embody the psychic senses within, become One with Consciousness, with Freedom, and with Purpose

What to expect on the day...

*Meditation and deep healing throughout our time in ceremony

*Connection with your Guides and Ancestors, to join the journey with you

*A deeper understanding, and 'harnessing' of the power of the Elements, and a new ability to witness their influence and role in your journey

*Opening and clarification of your Intuitive Senses, enabling you to use your innate gifts to support and guide your journey

*More deeply understand the power of Initiation in your life, how it manifests, the ways to recognise and witness it unfold

*Utilise an new awareness of the Initiatory Process, so that you can invite and initiate change at will, in your daily life


Connect with Beautiful Beings from around the world!


Become the YOU that is already within, your future self, your highest potential.


Learn to Consciously Create the life you love, initiating change at will

The Details...


Date: Sunday, 19 July 2020

(the day before the New Moon, unlocking & opening doors within)

Time: 2-5:30pm UK/ 9-12:30pm EST

*Offer: add the New Moon Ceremony at check out for £8 (instead of £15!)*

Connection: Zoom

Joining details will be sent to you at booking, enabling you to connect with the group throughout! 

Please ensure that, on the day of the event, you have a space to expand into consciousness (without a lot of distraction)

Join the Facebook event to receive prompts and notes for preparation!

Join us in Ceremony

Investment: £33

(plus an offer for the New Moon Online Ceremony if you feel called!)

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