Do you fit in, or Belong?

Even though we've moved out of watery energy we've inhabited for most of March, many of us are still working with our current relationships, attempting to navigate the next steps. And the Libra Full Moon on Sunday is really going to help us to gain discernment on our alignments, or lack of.

When it comes to relationships, we can overcomplicate things, feel lost in the layers, overwhelmed by the moving parts. A relationship between 2 people also includes subconscious perspectives from their parents, siblings, grandparents, ancestral lines, community, cultural expectations, and influences from many differing points of view. You are a world interacting with another world. (And we wonder why it can feel difficult!)

I find that when decisions, understanding, or any other aspect of a relationship feels complex, the consistent answer is to strip it back to the core. And a core issue that surfaces repeatedly is a desire to belong. Brene Brown beautifully defines belonging, and what it is to belong, instead of try to fit in...


In a world that often feels very divided, in so many ways, the temptation to fit in, to fit a mold, to conform, can feel very strong. But in conforming, there is no real fulfillment, it is a hollow choice, a way of 'killing off' aspects of yourself, which lead to a feeling of emptiness. Utterly unsatisfying.

Today, I invite you to break the molds around you, whatever is on offer. Cast them aside, and allow yourself to unfold in ways that are true and truly aligned. We find our tribes through authenticity, never by hiding, conforming, or emptying ourselves.


Points to Ponder:

*What aspects of yourself have you suppressed lately?

*What would you like to express that you have been dialing down?

*What makes you feel at home? Within yourself? Within a relationship?

*What do you value in others that you want to connect with and express every day?


Create a world that welcomes belonging, by accepting yourself, and honouring yourself enough to share your gifts and voice with others. And please respond and share with me what you are going to choose!



*For those of you who would like some support with this, I will be holding ceremony online on Sunday evening with the Libra Full Moon, and I would love to witness your healing with you

*I also have an 11 video series, Revamp your Relationships (online courses tab on the website), which can help to light the way! 


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