How do you respond to Fear?

Fear is one of my favorite topics. Ever.
I love the ways in which people respond when you touch upon fear. Usually, they either dive into the conversation, happy for an outlet or opportunity to process and understand, or clam up, close off, sink down.
We all have fears, and there will always be a degree of fear in our experiences, but what I find fascinating is the ways in which we respond to the fears within.

Really, we have two choices:
1. Face the fears, do our best to understand them, and then deal with the ‘stuff’ that we have attached.
2. Avoid it.

The problem with option 2 is that you don’t really get to avoid it. You can try. You can blind yourself, numb yourself, run away, but ultimately, your fears will not resolve until you choose option 1.
I am always able to recognize the most successful, balanced, harmonious people based on how they respond to fear.

Here is the truth about fear (which you will hopefully find to be a huge relief):
Fear is a lie.
Your fears are the lies you tell yourself.
We only fear that which we do not understand. So when you face your fears, and are able to perceive the truth, the fear dissipates, it resolves. You only have to face the demons, gain some clarity on what they really represent, and they disappear.
Pretty magical!

Anytime you try something new, stretch your comfort zone, take a leap of faith, you are going to feel a bit of fear. Its ok, its just your subconscious trying to warn you that you are doing something new, something not wholly known.
So the key to making the process more graceful is simply to change your relationship with fear.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by its heaviness, look it in the face, and recognize that it is simply a sign that you are challenging yourself to do something new.
Instead of listening to everything that could go wrong, see and hear the possibility of new opportunities and new knowledge and skills which you can acquire by allowing it to be all right.

See fear as a sign that you are evolving, taking a chance, and celebrate your courage as you step into your higher potential

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