How do you build a healthy relationship?

Today is World Health Day, and while we often view or talk about health in terms of the physical, I wanted to move us into the realm of the Relational. Today's post is the first in a series of 3, and hopefully a great way to get you started! 

I have repeatedly witnessed in every facet, physical, emotional, spiritual, that gaining clarity on what it means to have healthy boundaries, allows everything else to fall into place.

But we overcomplicate it, we project our past problems onto a concept that we could simplify, and become overwhelmed with surface solutions that never reach the heart of the matter.

So let's strip away the excess..

A powerful first step towards moving into healthier alignment is to recognise what you value.

Your values will motivate your choices on every level. But sometimes we can be motivated in unhealthy ways. We may want more freedom, so we create hard barriers to connection, make ourselves unavailable, or say no to opportunities which may serve us. We may value honesty, but become harsh with our words, or reject anyone we believe is unable to be brutally honest all of the time.

If you can really understand what you value on the deepest levels, you can begin to better choose what will provide space and energy for what you really value in your relationships. If you value honour, you will show up in honourable ways, and connect with people who embody integrity. If you want more love in your relationships, you will learn to be more loving, compassionate, and to be more vulnerable and open in your interactions. If you desire laughter, you will open your heart, seek out people and events that invite laughter and fun, and a higher vibration.

What you value lays the foundation of what you create and experience in your relationships, with yourself, friends, family, partner, body, food, movement, everything that you interact with and respond to.


Take some time today to meditate on the following:

  •  What makes my best relationships so good? What do I value within the other and within myself?
  • What 'goodness' am I lacking that I desire? How could I become the goodness, and invite more into my interactions?
  • How do I share what I value with others? Am I clear on these values, and do I actually express them?
  • What can I choose every day that allows me to express, embody, live what I value most?

Remember that even if it takes 2 to dance, you can set the tempo, and you contribute to the co-creation. When you truly understand what you value in life, others will begin to respond to experience it with you!

P.S. If you are looking for some clarity or support in setting healthy boundaries, I'll be online on 11 April for a Free Intro to Conscious Boundaries, and would love to have you with us


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