Are you Lacking, or Learning?

The Difference between Progress and Process

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who attended (live or after) our Activating your Inherent Gifts event on Sunday!  I deeply appreciate our time together, and the insights and healing that we share!

As I was preparing last week, a new thought came to mind: Are you Lacking, or are you Learning? It made me stop and reassess what is going on in my life...

Like many over the past few months, things have slowed down with work, and I have been working through ways to pivot and compensate for the global changes that are affecting all of us.  And, as we humans can do, I was becoming increasing critical of what I might be doing wrong, where I was missing something, the ways I am lacking in skill or know-how.

When we make perspectives black/white or right/wrong, it pulls us into the extremes of a polarity (I wrote about this recently), and can feel pretty lost or hopeless there.  So getting out of a belief that I am totally lacking was my first step towards remembering that we are in a unique situation (post pandemic, people and economy adjusting, life has been crazy, right?), and understanding that I am simply learning to adjust and evolve in uncertain times.

And I felt better! And not just a surface relief that nothing is 'wrong' with me, but that it simply is the truth, and that it is ok for me to adjust and learn.

So my words of encouragement to you today are to move into a higher perspective in all of the ways you've judged yourself as lacking, and recognise ways that you can learn that will be most of service to you right now!


A few things to consider over the coming days:

  •  How as a belief that I am lacking stopped me from thinking bigger or moving ahead? How have my beliefs around lack limited me?
  • Do I feel that I have to learn the hard way? Is learning stressful, difficult, something I avoid?
  • When did I become overly critical towards myself around imperfection? Where did I learn this?
  • What could I focus on learning now that would have the greatest impact? How can I give myself time/space to do this?


Remember that as human beings, we are actually here to learn, evolve, grow! Allowing ourselves some space and time to do so is part of the bigger plan. So give yourself the ability to be human, and dive deep into the lessons before you.  They will lead the way towards more fulfillment and alignment.


Now I have a few things to ask you, both for your benefit and mine (because I'm learning!)  Please get in touch if you have a few mins to offer any insight/suggestions!  And thank you!!

*What could I offer that would be of most benefit/interest to you?

*Are there days/times that would be more suited to your schedule?

*Are you more interested in courses/weekend events (Crystal Remote Viewing, Theta Healing, practice days, etc), or shorter events (moon ceremonies, master classes, etc)?

*Are you ready for in-person events with me, or do you prefer online?

*Do you prefer live events where you can ask questions/interact? Or recorded to watch in your own time?

*Are there any topics/themes that you really feel would help you out right now?

Please feel free to respond to any/all of these, or offer any other constructive guidance you have. And/or you can schedule a quick 20-min call with me to chat through, I'm happy with either


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