What do you permit in the name of Patience?

How much ‘patience’ do you employ before you hit your breaking point?

I think that most of us mistakingly allow others to take advantage of us under the guise of patience. Over the years I have repeatedly asked or begged for patience, wanting to feel calm and compassionate in the presence of abuse. I asked for patience with people who lie to themselves and the world, when I was delayed because of another’s choices, and when a friend began to push my boundaries, and then to shove against them.
I believed that I needed to be more patient in these situations, but patience was not the answer. The answer was courage. I needed courage to choose a response that would influence the dynamics that had become increasingly unbalanced.

I have listened to teachers preach the power of patience. “Be patient, what you have been asking for will come to you”. I believe that this works to the degree in which we can allow, and then it is up to us to meet the Universe halfway. Patience is not passive, but taking an overly passive approach to life will have you sitting on the sidelines, watching it all go by.
True patience allows you to interact with a degree of detachment. This allows you to connect without being overwhelmed by your judgements. Patience provides a capacity to receive another person, with all of her flaws, without dismissing her because of them. It means letting go of your judgements in favour of an opportunity for a second chance, for another interaction that is enjoyable or more aligned.

Patience will continue to provide opportunity for a relationship to evolve, and in that sense, patience is priceless. Consider your friends, especially the ones that you possibly did not like on first meeting. One of my best friends from university thought that I was sarcastic and rude when she first met me. I probably was being sarcastic, but in an attempt at sharing humour, as opposed to offence. Luckily she was patient enough to try again, and two decades of friendship have followed.

True Patience will keep your judgments from setting and hardening, like cement. A degree of patience in your life will always serve you, but the challenge is to ensure that you are engaging patience without being passive.
Are you ready to stop waiting on the sidelines? How can you choose inspired action today? <3

Download: Would you like to understand Patience, from the highest perspective,
without feeling that you have to be passive, or allow abuse, on any level,
to know how to take inspired action with grace,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of healthy, harmonious boundaries in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to be empowered, a conscious creator, on every level?
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