What would change if you simply expanded your Perspective?

What could evolve in your Experience, if you witnessed from Soul perspective?

I have been meditating a lot lately on the complexity of Being - allowing my human mind to perceive what is present in this vibration, but also to expand and include higher awarenesses of the bigger life journey, direction, cause and effect, and the deeper meaning involved. Some days, I struggle with this. But on other days, I see the moving parts working in rhythm, I can feel the flow of life around and through me, and the way that time and space provide a way for my life to unfold in interesting and often miraculous ways.


I also find that I can quickly, temporarily, forget about this beautiful rhyme and reason when the circumstances of life invoke specific reactions within me.

When I feel overwhelmed by the noise of life, another's pain, the conflict around me, I forget that this is simply an opportunity to notice this within me, and resolve that energy, so that I can live more deeply within peace.

When I feel frustrated or angry that life isn't happening the way I know that it should, I can forget that there are other moving parts at play, divine timing, necessary encounters, meaningful conversations, all unfolding so that as I do take another step, I am more informed, more conscious, more aware.


When I take the time to expand out again, and witness the fuller picture, it all makes more sense. And I feel less inclined to push against or fight the higher awareness and more aligned timing that I am energetically moving within.


Take a moment now to focus on any constriction within you, and identify the thoughts and feelings associated. And then expand your energy, your vision, and allow yourself to witness the ingredients, the pieces of the puzzle, that you haven't allowed yourself to see, because you have been too fixated on the small parts.


And meditate on the following:

  • Which small, less significant details have I become so distracted by, that I am missing the bigger picture?
  • Which beliefs and feelings need tending to, and to be understood, so that I can expand into the greater workings of my existence?
  • If I spent more time seeing myself and my life from Soul/Higher Self perspective, what would I stop worrying about? What would I stop doubting? What could I begin to enjoy?
  • What/who/where best helps me to remember who I truly am, on a Soul level? Can I spend more time in the presence of what will help me awaken?


Remember that when we choose from a contracted state, we choose from fear, and we continue to suffer in the same cycles, over and over again. When we take the time to look up and out, to relax our bodies and minds, to remember that there is a divine intelligence that is a part of all of this, life can become lighter, more graceful, and we show up as the wise beings that we truly are. Expand out and remember.

-Jennifer <3

P.S. We will be delving deeper into these themes at this weekend's Congregation in Edinburgh. Please join us and bring a friend!


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