What would change if you simply expanded your Perspective?

What could evolve in your Experience, if you witnessed from Soul perspective?

I have been meditating a lot lately on the complexity of Being - allowing my human mind to perceive what is present in this vibration, but also to expand and include higher awarenesses of the bigger life journey, direction, cause and effect, and the deeper meaning involved. Some days, I struggle with this. But on other days, I see the moving parts working in rhythm, I can feel the flow of life around and through me, and the way that time and space provide a way for my life to unfold in interesting and often miraculous ways.


I also find that I can quickly, temporarily, forget about this beautiful rhyme and reason when the circumstances of life invoke specific reactions within me.

When I feel overwhelmed by the noise of life, another's pain, the conflict around me, I forget that this is simply an opportunity to notice this within me, and resolve that energy, so that I can live more...

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Is it possible to bring Heaven to Earth?

Hello human beings, I hope that you are feeling beautifully aligned! There are SO MANY things happening right now, and with our approach to a new sign of fiery Aries, and a new season, you may be feeling a push to get things done, but not feel you have the energy/grounding to make it happen.  Sound familiar?

Here's the good news- The moon has just entered Virgo, and for the next 2+ days, we are going to be guided in clearer ways.


The mutable Earth energy of Virgo is nearly halfway through the zodiac, nearly half way through a journey.  This is the point where we are committed to the path, have benefitted from the effort and learning, have an idea of what lies ahead, and a willingness to see it through.  We're in for the long-haul.

So if we look at the human journey as birth into human form, learning about how to interact and create within this plane, and then sharing this with humanity as an act of service, before we exit left, this is the point...

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