Are you following the beat or feeling lost in the world?

Today, I wanted to simply connect with you about finding the beat, and what it means to be in flow, and then 'stick the landing'.

In times of great change, initiation, creativity, expansion, we can move out of ourselves, meaning the conditioning and fixed perspectives that can weigh us down and cause us to drag. The dragging can feel like monotony, depression, closing off, retreating within, or simply losing the feeling of life, colour, texture.

But sometimes, within the vortex of change, we can feel a  bit lost, overwhelmed, or that we have lost touch with the touchstones that give us a sense of direction, rhythm, momentum, the beat of life.

So really, its about learning to dance the flow of living.

In reality, we are meant to colour outside of the lines, to add beauty to the mundane. While also remembering to stick the landing, to hit the 'one' beat.

Think of it like jazz, modern dance, gymnastics, ecstatic movement, where you feel unencumbered, but know that there is an underlying guidance or progression that keeps you moving in the right direction.

If you can keep some kind of rhythm and find the down beat, you stop yourself from spinning out, exhausting yourself, or losing yourself in all of the noise of life.

So its worth pondering- what are the practices that keep the rhythm, and where are you spontaneous and creative enough to invite movement and joy into your world?

Its a beautiful dance when you combine the two! And it is so, so necessary, especially these days!

Energetically, we are experiencing major shifts on a generational and global level. The established practices and perceptions may not work for you as well (or at all!) any more. So what are you willing to change so that you can evolve?

Worth meditating on over the coming days/weeks:

  • Which spiritual, physical, emotional practices can I change up, evolve, integrate that would best serve me now?
  • What inspires me to get out of my comfort zone, to experience the world around me in new ways?
  • What adventures can I engage in, internally and/or externally?
  • What are the deeper truths about myself that keep me in a healthy, beautiful, interesting, engaging rhythm?

Remember that life is a continual process of evolution, transformation, exploration. The more we can play with what aligns within, the more joyful it can be!


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