Are your 'Wounds' creating Conflict or Empathy?

Hello human beings, I hope that you are feeling inspired by the beginning of Spring!  We are at the start of a new month with the energy of a new moon, at the beginning of an astrological new year!  So it sounds like the perfect time for a fresh start, right? 

Well, yes, but first...


Energetically, the energy of our essence (the Sun), our emotional and intuitive body (the Moon), the ways we communicate and think (Mercury) will be conjunct/connected in the energy of the Warrior (Aries/Mars)...  

So it may feel empowering for these energies to be moving forward, ready to be inspired, seeking passion and direction.  But if we haven't identified a path or direction that will keep that fire burning through healthy alignment, the fire could either go out, we could burn out, or 'burn' those around us, in an attempt to keep the excitement alive.


AND, all of this energy will be sitting with Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  We are each born into the world, divine and whole, and navigate this lifetime, learning through great joys, but also through experiences that 'wound' us.  For most of us, there is a theme or pattern of wounding which can connect through childhood and early life, and through our adult years.  And this specific wounding can direct our lives in beautiful or unhealthy ways.  Many healers use this specific wounding to create empathy and understanding, so that they can support others to heal who are navigating similar circumstances.  If the wounding motivates us in healthy ways, we can be of great service to those around us, full of empathy and understanding.  But if we have not yet begun to address these issues, we can choose to act and communicate through trauma responses, to fight, freeze, fawn, or flee.

So this week/end is the perfect time to meditate on the major wounds of your life, and recognise the dominant patterns, both in how they are created (cause), and in the ways you react (effect).  You can then begin to see how these old pains have possibly inspired the best within, or motivated choices that create deeper pain.


Over the next few days, I would encourage you to-

1. Reflect on the habits/patterns/reactions that create the most drama in your life.  Identify how long this has been happening and when it began.  Meditate on what you need to resolve/receive for this pattern to finish.

2. Look at your life in this moment and which areas feel most out of alignment.  Recognise where old wounds may motivate you to avoid taking action, to want to fight through it, or where your suffering seems strongest.  Ask yourself if there is a healthier response, and what types of support would be useful to choose this.

3. Identify the ways you want to be of service, and see if there are connections with your own past suffering.  Recognise that the suffering can end, which will enable you to be a clearer channel, and of greater service as you support others right now.

4. Feel into your energetic/emotional/physical body and notice where you 'hold' these wounds and pain.  Imagine that any love, support, compassion, kindness that were lacking in the past are present now, and invite opportunities into your life, that will allow you to experiences these!


Remember that YOU are not your pain, wounds, suffering.  These are experiences and memories.  They can be used as your greatest tools for growth and evolution, instead of reasons to suffer.  Make sure your fire is burning to purify the pain, and ignite your passion.  If it is causing harm, now is the time to redirect the energy into something beautiful.

-Jennifer <3

*Join me Thursday evening to heal the wounds, enabling a brighter start to the season!


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