Are your words medicine, or barriers to meaningful change?

As our fears and pain are triggered, we are tempted to lash out, to criticize, and to judge the acts that have contributed to our discomfort.  We rant about injustice, we shout at ignorance, we fight aggression.  This course of action may provide temporary relief, allowing us to feel, momentarily, that we are 'better' than those who create suffering, superior in comparison.


But as we wage war against war, we feed it.

As we cut through the words of another, we cut ourselves.


We are each natural communicators, through our words, our actions, and our choices.  We express ourselves in infinite ways, through our bodies, our minds, and through what we create in our daily lives.  But we often view our communication as our own, within a bubble, limiting its reach, and in what we receive.  

True, honest communication is Communion.  It is a tribal sharing, a giving and receiving, a way to understand and...

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Are you creating pain just to feel Relief?

I used to get migraines that medicine would only temporarily dampen, and they would last days at a time.
One day, I learned a trick…

I realised that eating wasabi peas made my head hurt less. So did chilli, curries, or anything that was painfully spicy.

The body has an amazing way of helping us cope. When we feel pain, the brain releases endorphins, which block the perception of pain. Endorphins are our natural pain relief.
What I was doing was creating more pain within my body so that my brain would create more relief.

It never stopped my headaches, but the contrast made me feel better.

I witness people creating drama and suffering in their lives. They fight with their partners, punish themselves for making mistakes, they eat too much, sleep too little, and continue to battle within….
Just to feel relief when it is over.

They aren’t solving the problems, moving beyond the old patterns or pain. Often there is no resolution or gain, but they create the illusion of...

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