How do you define Success and Failure?

I spent some time this morning meditating on the message for today. I was given the word Failure.

The idea of failure can invoke a myriad of memories, feelings, and reactions in each of us, spanning our lifetimes, often triggering judgement or shame. When I looked up the meaning of the word, it simply means a lack of success. And so then I began to question the polarity of Failure to Success, whether it is a binary yes or no for either, and really, whether its all in our perspective and subject to filters of belief. Its been an interesting morning!

Over the past few weeks, I have been 'measuring' success and failure in my own life, questioning big choices over time, and attempting to reconcile my doubts and self-criticism around the path that I have chosen. And so much of what I perceive about that path and those decisions, I have been weighing against whether they result in Failure or Success.

And I have decided that this is a pretty terrible way to view your life.

The binary,...

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