How do you define Success and Failure?

I spent some time this morning meditating on the message for today. I was given the word Failure.

The idea of failure can invoke a myriad of memories, feelings, and reactions in each of us, spanning our lifetimes, often triggering judgement or shame. When I looked up the meaning of the word, it simply means a lack of success. And so then I began to question the polarity of Failure to Success, whether it is a binary yes or no for either, and really, whether its all in our perspective and subject to filters of belief. Its been an interesting morning!

Over the past few weeks, I have been 'measuring' success and failure in my own life, questioning big choices over time, and attempting to reconcile my doubts and self-criticism around the path that I have chosen. And so much of what I perceive about that path and those decisions, I have been weighing against whether they result in Failure or Success.

And I have decided that this is a pretty terrible way to view your life.

The binary,...

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Have you found your new Rhythm?

Expanding the Self

Hello beautiful beings! I have just returned from a long weekend in sunny Spain, and have been reminded of the importance of travel.

When we travel, we leave our comfort zones behind, what we know, our daily routines, along with many aspects of our identities.  The little things that we use to reinforce who we believe we are, are disrupted, we are not able to rely on the hundreds of cues and reminders that would be present in daily routine and regular setting. Once these have been disrupted, there is more space for new potential, within the mind, body, spirit. And I feel that this is a major part of evolution-the ability to relinquish aspects and identities that have become too fixed, too confining, so that we are able to redefine and rediscover ourselves and new 'worlds'.

Even having just a few days outside of my home, office, city disrupted patterns of eating, sleeping, working, consumption.  I read different books, wore different...

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Is 'loyalty' delaying your evolution?

As we move towards the end of the year, and a feeling of ending or closure, we naturally feel unsettled as we face the unknown. Because endings are really about beginnings. And both can be scary, even when we have been asking for (begging, demanding) change!

The transition period is the sticky part. As we let go and resolve layers of ourselves, our identities, our labels, we test the waters for our next step. Periods of transition are often difficult because they feel unclear, confusing, as we spend most of that time in conflict, between wanting to hang on, and wanting to run ahead.
When I quit my last job, I dragged my heels. I knew that it was time to go (and had been for about 2 months), but I had a lot of fear about the next step. My next step meant self-employment, working on my own, losing my work tribe. But what was scarier was the loss of my labels and identity. I was really proud of the work I did within the organization, and giving up that label meant that I would no longer...

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