What do you Choose to Stand For?

Today marks the 1st Quarter Moon, half way between fiery Aries, and icy Scorpio.  As we make the plunge, there is a recognition that a lot can change within a few weeks, and that we can create it meaningfully and consciously.

During the New Moon ceremony, we talked about simply allowing yourself to burn, to allow the fire to purify and liberate emotionally and energetically.  I know that last week, I did a lot of that- simply allowing what was no longer needed or necessary to burn in so many ways.  I cleared my wardrobe, the garage, the attic, organising my thoughts and mind as I worked.  I transferred paperwork from physical to online, simplifying processes.  I cleared inflammatory food from my fridge and cupboards, supporting a cleansing of my body.  And I surrendered to any nudges to release, relax, to loosen my grip.

As we move into steady Taurus energy (more on this in the next newsletter), and the moon moves towards the tundra of...

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Are you on Fire?

I cannot begin to tell you how impactful your choices and ACTIONS will be over the next few weeks.  No pressure. ;)

Currently, all planets are moving forward (until 27 April), AND we are in a cardinal fire sign at the beginning of the astrological year...

CARDINAL: beginnings, get up and go, the start of something new, initiation, fresh ideas and energy

FIRE: passion, inspiration, drive, movement, purity, unencumbered, free

ARIES: the (Peaceful if you choose) Warrior, focused, strong, powerful, marching ahead, goal-oriented, prepared for victory!

I mean, seriously, can the universe make your choices and actions much more potent right now?!?

I was being serious about no pressure-because none is needed.  In so many ways, the current/vibration we reside within is an open door, an open flow, directing you where you want to go.  The only resistance you will meet is within YOU!

Please allow the universe to support you right now!  Allow yourself...

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