Are you fighting the world, or working with what is Present?

Over the past few months, I've been watching shows and movies focusing on racing. I have been fascinated by the strength, speed, and responsiveness of the drivers, mechanics, and teams involved, working together like a complex dance, a complicated piece of music - the drivers exhibiting mastery of their senses, intuition, ability to read the road and conditions, the cars around them, the elements present.

In 2020, I was in Cambodia, marveling at the weaving of cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and motor bikes carrying multiple people with all of their bags and cargo. The roads were full, seemingly chaotic, but somehow, everyone was aware of what was happening all around, working with what was present, instead of fighting each other as they moved.

All of these scenarios present a picture of chaos, controlled chaos at best, but when you feel into the energy, there is pure flow at play.

I know that a lot of us have felt that we are floundering with the perceived chaos around and within...

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Are you on Fire?

I cannot begin to tell you how impactful your choices and ACTIONS will be over the next few weeks.  No pressure. ;)

Currently, all planets are moving forward (until 27 April), AND we are in a cardinal fire sign at the beginning of the astrological year...

CARDINAL: beginnings, get up and go, the start of something new, initiation, fresh ideas and energy

FIRE: passion, inspiration, drive, movement, purity, unencumbered, free

ARIES: the (Peaceful if you choose) Warrior, focused, strong, powerful, marching ahead, goal-oriented, prepared for victory!

I mean, seriously, can the universe make your choices and actions much more potent right now?!?

I was being serious about no pressure-because none is needed.  In so many ways, the current/vibration we reside within is an open door, an open flow, directing you where you want to go.  The only resistance you will meet is within YOU!

Please allow the universe to support you right now!  Allow yourself...

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Virgo New Moon: Are you planting seeds that you truly want to grow?

We are moving towards an amazing New Moon in Virgo. I wanted to break this down a bit so that you can take full advantage of the magic we're immersed in this week!

First, the New Moon...  I see it as tabula rasa, a clean slate.  Take a moment to feel into the energy of a clean slate, a new beginning.  Feel the calm, the quiet, a sense of peace.

The New Moon is dark, without light.  For some, this can feel unnerving, with an inability to see what is coming, what we are moving towards.  But in the darkness, the past is erased, there is no set path to follow, nothing to fulfill.  You are there in the quiet, within your heart, fully present.  And fully open to possibility.


In the few days surrounding the New Moon, we plant seeds for the coming weeks and beyond.  We are able to make decisions regarding the experiences we would like to have, the ways we want to feel, and the quality of life that we want to live.

Close your...

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