What do you Choose to Stand For?

Today marks the 1st Quarter Moon, half way between fiery Aries, and icy Scorpio.  As we make the plunge, there is a recognition that a lot can change within a few weeks, and that we can create it meaningfully and consciously.

During the New Moon ceremony, we talked about simply allowing yourself to burn, to allow the fire to purify and liberate emotionally and energetically.  I know that last week, I did a lot of that- simply allowing what was no longer needed or necessary to burn in so many ways.  I cleared my wardrobe, the garage, the attic, organising my thoughts and mind as I worked.  I transferred paperwork from physical to online, simplifying processes.  I cleared inflammatory food from my fridge and cupboards, supporting a cleansing of my body.  And I surrendered to any nudges to release, relax, to loosen my grip.

As we move into steady Taurus energy (more on this in the next newsletter), and the moon moves towards the tundra of Scorpio, we find our feet again, able to cooly and camly assess what is on offer. We are invited to slow down, to steady ourselves, and adjust with open eyes.


Something that I noticed recently was a lagging ability to hope.  In my eyes, the state of the world has been a little disappointing, a little too much of the same ol' same ol' in the way things are being done.  I'm not normally a cynical person, but I felt myself slipping into those cold waters, numbing to the frustration and perceived impotence it offers.

I asked myself a question... While the world is fighting against, what do I choose to stand for?

'Fighting the good fight' is only going to have a lasting impact if the fight is laid to rest.  Fighting involves making someone else lesser than, a need to destroy or diminish, and a push to prove.

Standing for something is infinitely stronger, more powerful, and more loving.  And we know that love conquers all, rewards the brave, and is all you need.

Instead of allowing your fire of passion to become arresting cynicism, I would encourage you to meditate on the following...

Points to Ponder:

*How can I channel the fire of passion, focus, desire for change into grounded action?

*Instead of being cynical about _______, how can I begin to have an impact, (even in small ways)?

*How can I have harmony with the fire and water in my life?  How would it be possible to be excited and inspired, with my feet on the ground, taking clear action?

*Which judgements could soften, so that I am able to recognise the possibilities for graceful change?


Allow yourself to be clear-eyed and open-hearted, a grounded dreamer, a hopeful romantic.  Our future will be created by those who love life enough to remain engaged, with something to stand for.

 I'm here, cheering on the hope within all of us!  What are you standing for?



Scorpio: Water, Fixed, Pluto, Scorpion

At the end of this month, we immerse in the deep energy of Scorpio! The sign of Scorpio can be a bit like an ice bath, potentially shocking, unexpected reactions.  But by plunging into the depths, we can be healed, on many levels!

Join Jennifer in Ceremony on 27 April @ 7pm to bring to light what you deeply desire.



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