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Theta Healing Foundation courses are ideal for anyone desiring to deepen understanding of the subconscious mind, to feel empowered in resolving old conditioning and emotion, and a curiosity about the energy and form that exists beyond the physical.

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Whether you are choosing to attend a Theta Healing course for your own beautiful evolution, or because you are called to serve as a healer and guide, you will develop knowledge and practice skills for both! 

Part of what makes this technique so powerful is the ability to apply it for yourself as well as those you serve.

Want to co-create a course experience with Jennifer?

From October 2023, I will be working with hosts to plan my certified courses, both in-person, and online! If you feel called to support me in planning, organising, manifesting students, and creating a beautiful experience, both for yourself, and your tribe, I would love to hear from you! I am excited to travel for in-person classes, or work with the times and dates that suit you online, wherever you are in the world. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being a host, and ways we could co-create, please book in a call with me to chat through the possibilities!

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When I first came to Theta Healing, I had no conception of the extent of what was possible in my own potential. After the first day, I already felt like a new person, except it was much more like coming back to who I really always was.

By the end of the weekend, I felt like I had a new life within my current circumstances, and that it was the life I had always wanted to live. After the Basic DNA course, Theta Healing felt like coming home” -ES

Basic DNA Course

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Advanced Course 

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Dig Deeper Course

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You & Creator

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We begin...

Join Jennifer for 3 days learning a life-transforming technique, altering brainwaves, taking you deeper into the subconscious mind.  Life will never be the same!  Learn more about the Theta Healing technique here

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone wanting to deepen understanding and connection with the spiritual/energetic world!  Even if you have some experience working with crystals, guides, plant medicine, you will find that the technique will take you to a higher level.

Course Curriculum:

*The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma
*Subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings
*Muscle testing and locating limiting beliefs within the subconscious
*Gene Therapy and 12-strand DNA Activation
*The true power of your thoughts and language in your life
*Locate and replace limiting beliefs and feelings, to transform your life
*Aligning your conscious and subconscious to achieve your goals
*Access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life
*Chakras and Psychic Senses, Development of Intuitive Senses
*Attract abundance into your life, connect with soul mates
*Scan the body, understand the inner workings both physically and energetically
*Read your future and learn to change it with grace
*Guardian Angel connection and readings
*Manifesting your life in the highest and best way
*New Understanding of The Seven Planes of Existence
*Clear radiation, Self Healing, Group Healing


This 3-day class introduces the student to the Basic techniques needed to commence working as a Theta Healing Practitioner, and is 75% experiential to allow you to be validated as you practice in class. Students have the opportunity to understand and develop intuitive senses which allows clarity and understanding of the self and the surrounding world, both physical and energetic.

Pre-requisites: None

Includes: Practitioner Manual, Theta Healing book (Kindle or paper), refreshments at break, and certification as a Theta Healing Practitioner

Investment: £444 (or £250 to re-certify)


Advance in Understanding...

Join Jennifer for 3 days learning a life-transforming technique, altering brainwaves, taking you deeper into the subconscious mind.  Experience of working with the various Planes will open your mind to experience the world around you in new ways!

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone wanting to deepen understanding of the technique and gain confidence in meditating and healing!  The advanced techniques offered in this course will deepen your own healing, expand your awareness, for yourself, as well as those you work with.

Course Curriculum:

This three day course is designed to expand on the knowledge you have gained in the Basic Class. Learn the “expansion” technique of connecting to the Energy of Creation, which brings you closer to experiencing the oneness of all. In this class you receive a substantial number of positive downloads that will bring you profound healing and enlightenment. You gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us and experience connecting to each of the planes; learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold you back and experience personal healing with new techniques including the “Baby in the Womb”, “Heal the Broken Soul” and “Heart Song” exercises.

This class is an amazing experience as you are filled with hundreds of new positive feelings, that can make a profound impact on your connection to Creation, and allow you to move forward in achieving your desires. You receive healing as well as learning more techniques and ways in which you can use your new found Theta Healing skills.


*Advanced digging and creation of beliefs and feelings
*1000+ Life-transforming downloads
*Releasing rejection, resentment, and regret
*In-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of existence
*Connecting with various planes of existence
*Connecting with crystals and plants
*Releasing negative vows and oaths
*Ancestral Connect and Readings
*Higher-self connection and readings
*Advanced Techniques: Healing the Broken Soul, The Heart Song, Healing Trauma within the Womb, Bending Time

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA Theta Healing Course

Includes: Practitioner Manual, Theta Healing Advanced book (Kindle or paper), and certification as an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Investment: £444 (or £250 to re-certify).


"I have had one to one sessions in which Jennifer helped me to release some old old emotions that I had dissociated from that were causing a lot of physical pain and holding me back in all areas of life, and I’m so impressed that I’m currently training with her.

I love her style which is gentle, compassionate and totally non judgemental which creates a safe place to heal, learn and open up. We also have a lot of fun at class. She helped me to realise that many of my negative beliefs that I didn’t want to acknowledge about myself were actually not that unique and also not necessarily true and I’m starting to feel like a different (better, happier, healthier more peaceful) person. I’ve taken advantage of a lot of classes where we get to learn, heal and grow some more as well as meeting like minded new friends. Jen, you are magnificent! I salute you and thank you for guiding me on this part of my journey and helping me to heal what I’ve been carrying with me for decades." -AK


"Jennifer is absolutely amazing in what she does.  I know that when I struggle with something and I can't quite see the full perspective of it by myself, she will be able to go much deeper with me to find the root cause of the struggle.

I love the way Jennifer teaches, merging the knowledge with deeper understanding and supporting everyone throughout the growth process. 

Jennifer has fantastic detachment from the unimportant stuff and makes her sessions and workshops light and funny even if you work through some heavy stuff.

I see this as absolute key for creating easy progress, you know there is no judgement at all, just the understanding and support in overcoming yourself." -AWB

Learn to Navigate the Subconscious Mind

Join Jennifer for 2 days and learn to work within the subconscious, with thoughts and feelings, and change them with grace!

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone wanting to deepen understanding of the inner workings of the subconscious.  Students learn to navigate with grace, feeling guided and with clearer direction to make lasting change!

Course Curriculum:

*Learn the 10 ways of Digging within the Theta Healing Technique
*Learn the most common questions to ask in a session
*Gain experience and confidence in digging for bottom beliefs
*Understand the subconscious mind and the way it works
*Recognize coping mechanisms and dissociation within a session
*Learn some of the most common bottom beliefs that create negative patterns
*Opportunities in practice on other students and yourself
*Witness demonstrations live within class, with guidance and explanations in real-time
*Learn to apply these techniques when working on yourself, enabling your skill and clarity to grow


Attending will allow students to practice and learn from each other, and grow in confidence. Learning to dig effectively before you attend the more advanced courses will enable you to clear more on deeper levels, as both a client and practitioner.

There will also be time to focus on dissociation and avoidance, how they present in sessions, and within a client's life. Understanding this will simplify your sessions, and keep you from going in circles through the subconscious mind!

Pre-requisite: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing Courses

Includes: Digging for Beliefs Theta Healing book (Kindle or paper), online manual, and certification as a Dig Deeper Theta Healing Practitioner

Investment: £444 (or £225 to re-certify).

Understand the Guidance you receive

Join Jennifer for 2 days and recognise the source of your intuitive guidance.

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone wanting to recognise the difference between your own mind, guidance from other planes of existence, and the energy of Creation.  Students will learn to discern the very highest insight, as well as ways to work with clients more rapidly, more accurately!

Course Curriculum:

*Learn the newest way of digging through the energy of Creation
*Recognise when an undercurrent is motivating choice and how to heal
*Tune into the guidance from each of the Planes to gain clarity
*Understand the subconscious and survival self, the ways they motivate choice and perspective
*Recognize coping mechanisms and dissociation
*Opportunities in practice with other students
*Witness demonstrations
*Learn to apply these techniques when working on yourself

In this 2-day class, you'll learn to understand the undercurrent of the subconscious mind, and how the body actually works at solving problems.  Once you are clear on the undercurrent and survival aspects, it becomes easier to know the difference between communicating with energy of the Creation, and communicating with the ego,  the higher self, or any of the other Planes of Existence.

Pre-requisite: Basic, Advanced, & Dig Deeper Theta Healing Courses


Includes: You & the Creator Theta Healing book (Kindle or paper), online manual, and certification as a You & Creator Theta Healing Practitioner

Investment: £444 (or £225 to re-certify). 

Your best life awaits!

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