Initiation Ceremonies

Dive Deep into Consciousness and reemerge as a Truer You

New & Full Moon Ceremonies

Join me each month to deepen your awareness of the world around and within you

Kambo & Rapeh Ceremonies

Commune & deeply heal on every level with Nature's Medicine.  Welcome Kambo Warrior!

Monthly Meditation

Join me for Meditation & Subconscious Healing in Edinburgh & Glasgow


to Mastery & Conscious Creation

Initiation Ceremonies

Dive Deep into Consciousness and re-emerge as a Truer You

New & Full Moon Online Ceremonies

Join me each month to deepen your awareness of the world around and within you

Kambo & Rapeh Ceremonies

Commune & deeply heal on every level with Nature's Medicine. Welcome Kambo Warrior!

You are invited to join me in Mastery

As an infinite being, you have access to truth, wholeness, and wisdom beyond your current understanding.  Allow me to guide you through processes within, expanding your world, creating clarity.

There are a number of options offered, my hope is that you will connect with the ways that most align with you right now.  Let the awakening begin!


...healing the Past to BECOME the Future

If Consciousness is what we are created from, at our source, and if it is part of all that we do and create, is it possible to be whole, to be one?  Of course it is.

As we journey through time, our lifetimes become our stories, a way to create an identity- which ultimately creates the illusion of separation, of being 'other'.

But we can choose to be baptised by the ocean of consciousness, to return to the source of all that is, and be continually reborn in its waves.  We can choose to be delivered, remade, into the highest potential that existence has to offer.

And as we relinquish attachment to who we believe we are, who we believe we are supposed to be, we become.

This becoming is really an undoing, an unravelling, an opportunity to release our living death and suffering... If you feel that you currently inhabit the underworld, your own sense of death, I invite you to join me in Heaven, eternal life, timelessness, consciousness.

The answers, the inspiration, all that you seek is seeking you there.


All you must do is be willing...

willing to liberate yourself from suffering, willing to surrender, willing to be reborn

...into new life, new awareness, into your sacred awakening - it is all here for you - whenever you choose it.

Immerse yourself, into the peace, expansion, joy, ecstasis, flow... 

It has aways been here.  It always will be.  Allow yourself to live life as the alchemist that you truly are.

As we join together in ceremony, we become witnesses, for ourselves and each other, consciously creating our own transformations, and are initiated into Mastery. 

I look forward to welcoming you!

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Seeking your own personal Initiation Ceremony?

Jennifer is working 1:1 with initiates, designing ceremonies to support the unfolding of Dharma and divine guidance.  These are beautifully timed with your Solar Return/birthday, beginning of a season, year, or when it aligns with the creation of your own life.

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Pauline Brooks

-Yoga Instructor, Owner of Yoga Space

Jennifer is hugely insightful and a master at what she does. One session or event with her can make such a change in your life.

And she is a lovely person too-who delivers in a fun and relaxed way with a style that is uniquely her own. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Julia Melville

-Intuitive & Transformational Mentor

Jennifer delivers the information she is teaching with grace, ease and humour, and I have always come away feeling inspired, more knowledgeable and clearer and lighter in my mind and body.  I have attended a few of Jennifer's Initiation Ceremonies which are powerful, healing and enlightening. She has the gift of clearing out old beliefs that just don't help us any longer!

Join me in Ceremony, expanding into the magical unknown

Initiation Ceremonies are offered throughout the year for those who are ready to surrender habit and identity, in order to become timeless

Delve Deeper

New & Full Moon Online Ceremonies

Join Jennifer online each fortnight, and learn to work with the energy of the moon, in conjunction with the current transits.  This is a time for meditation, healing, karma clearing, and new awareness.

Connect with the Moon

Kambo & Rapeh Ceremonies

Commune & heal with nature's medicine!  Ceremonies are held monthly or by private appointment.  Are you a Kambo Warrior?

Heal with Nature

Join me in-person each month for Meditation & Subconscious Healing

These events are held monthly in Edinburgh and Glasgow, an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice, taking you beyond the physical barriers of this world.

Meditate with Jennifer


"You were brilliant today, so inspiring. Thank you!  It sometimes felt as if you were talking directly to me, and I am sure many others must have felt the same. You have a gift for this"

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