Delve Deeper, with Kambo & Rapeh Medicine


Join me in Ceremony, connecting with Natural Medicine of Kambo and Rapeh. 

Rapeh is a sacred tobacco, used to deepen meditation and align the energies of human and divine.

And Kambo will facilitate deep cleansing and release of physical and emotional barriers.

Prepare to feel brand new!

What is Kambo?

Kambo is the name of a secretion that comes from a tree frog that is applied topically, traditionally by indigenous tribes of the Amazon. This has historically been done to heal the body, clear the mind, and sharpen senses and intuition.
During a Kambo Ceremony, this natural medicine is applied to the skin, after very small superficial burns are made with a hot incense stick. Only the top layer is burned, and then the Kambo is applied, allowing the medicine to communicate with the brain via the lymphatic system.
The Kambo contains a mixture of bioactive peptides and neuropeptides, which have a powerful effect on the brain and body, allowing the body to heal itself.

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How do Ceremonies support the Medicine?

Kambo is used in a ceremonial way, either in a group, or 1:1/private group setting. Participants are invited to receive sacred, ceremonial tobacco, Rapeh, which enhances feelings of relaxation, peace, and grounding.

Guided meditation and music help to connect initiates with the medicine, as well as set clear intentions for the experience. Clarity of intention helps to facilitate deeper healing as well as a more graceful release.
When the group is ready, small burns are carefully made on the surface of the skin, and the Kambo is applied. Practitioner(s) remain close to the participants, in order to support and facilitate the releases, emotionally and physically. Each step of the ceremony is thoroughly explained, and we proceed with respect and care.
Once the release/purge is complete, participants are supported in their integration, caring for the physical body, and fed a light meal.

Effects of Kambo, during and after Ceremony

Each initiate can experience a variety of symptoms of the medicine at work!
What most people feel is a rise in temperature, usually in the upper body and head. A rapid heart rate is common, as well as changes in blood pressure. Many feel tingling in extremities or other parts of the body, as well as sleepiness, or excitement.
The experience usually lasts around 20-40 minutes in total, and while there can be some intense discomfort or unpleasantness, it passes.
Within 20 minutes of application is when the purge happens, which can come with nausea, an urge to use the toilet, or both. Some other temporary effects can be swelling of the lips/face, reddening of the skin, dry mouth, some muscle tension, and light-headedness. Once the purge has finished, these effects recede.
Within thirty minutes of the ceremony, most participants feel a profound sense of calm and peace (thanks to all of the peptides!), providing a blissful feeling. We follow each ceremony with some light food to help ground the energy of the body and mind.
In the following days, initiates often feel stronger, lighter, more healthy, more aligned. The mind often feels clearer and calmer, with a heightened alertness, (this is why this medicine has been used by tribesmen before a hunt). Other reported effects are elevated mood, decreased stressed, increased mental and physical stamina, and better focus.

Sapo-style & experiencing Kambo processes in a gentler way

The traditional way of experiencing Kambo includes drinking 1-2 litres of water before the ceremony begins. Consuming this much water can feel uncomfortable, and increase nausea throughout the process.
We facilitate Sapo-style Ceremonies, which is a gentler process for each initiate. In fact, the vast majority of people who have experienced the traditional Kambo-style prefer the Sapo-style, and choose this new way to process with the medicine.
Sapo-style involves drinking water, but after the Kambo medicine has been applied, and later in the ceremony. As a result, nausea is often reduced or eliminated until the beginning of the purge. This allows you to be more present with your body and with the medicine as it works on each level, emotionally, energetically, and physically.

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Jennifer Main

Jennifer is an Initiator & Transformational Guide, who has been teaching and healing people throughout her life. Jennifer is thrilled to support initiates through their Kambo Ceremony experiences, and more about her can be found here

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Julia Melville

Julia is a Mentor who works to support and teach you to truly love yourself, inside and out.

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Julia Melville

Jennifer and I trained together to be Kambo Practitioners and I love that we are on this journey together. Jennifer brings a calming, healing and intuitive energy to this incredible way of working.
I would really recommend working with her!

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