Peak Performance Leadership Training

ForĀ leaders wanting to have a greater impact & success in the ways they serve their communities

Jennifer has beenĀ leading through serviceĀ forĀ over 2 decades, training others to harness their gifts and apply new skills, enabling them to build their businesses and their lives through living with Purpose. Join her to learn what works, enabling you to feel more fulfilled, with healthier boundaries, and an understanding of what it takes to guide others in our current world paradigm!

You have already been called to lead...

But do you have clarity on ways to offer your gifts and skills to the wider world?

Year after year, I have witnessed clients that are truly inspired to make a difference, to change the ways we operate within the world. But there is often a lack of clarity towards shaping culture and community in ways that have deep and lasting impact.

I believe that we, as individuals, are here to serve specific people in specific industries, through the filter of each individual's unique wisdom and application of gifts. We cannot be everything to everybody, nor were we designed to.

But if each leader could gain clarity on areas where gifts are best expressed, we could each do our part to serve the world, together.

The embodied wisdom from my experiences as a Teacher & Leader, along with my unique gifts, is what I offer to support you

I have shaped my services around those that resonate with me, and with the gifts I have to offer. 

This is your opportunity to really get clear on your unique perspectives, the ways your priceless experiences have shaped you, and to apply these lessons to create a greater future.

Your chosen journey with me will focus on specific issues which Jennifer has found to be most common and useful, but also tailored to your path, and what is unfolding for you now.

Are you ready to expand your impact and be of greater service now?

How will engaging Peak Performance techniques help me to Lead?

Over the last decade, Jennifer has been studying Flow States, Peak Experiences, and Peak Performance. And not only what they are, but how to reach them, consistently, with practice.

In reality, this is what we are all seeking and striving for: living in flow, with synchronicity and ease, feeling more at home in our bodies and in our lives. But when we lack clarity and focus, we lose momentum and drive to find true alignment.  Reaching a peak isn't about 'the hustle' or a hack (they never really work, especially in the long term). Expressing the best within ourselves involves consciously cultivating a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.

Our time together will include creation of daily, weekly, and monthly practices that create the boundaries for flow. And the more time you spend in flow, the easier it is to step into a state of boundless energy, laser sharp focus, and vitality, expressing the best of who you are, operating at your peak level. We will also help you understand way that you can easily prime yourself for Peak Performance, so that when you need to be 'on', focused and clear, you are able to step into these states with grace.

Once you have learned to 'lead' yourself, through implementation of new choices and boundaries, you are better able to guide others to do the same. Your consistency, trustworthiness, honesty, and authenticity increases, and inspires others connected with you. We know that as pioneers and guides, we can only take others as far as we have gone ourselves. We will find your edges and move gracefully into unknown territory, so that you are able to support others in doing the same.

"You have taught me with Integrity, much Kindness and lots of Humour! I have felt totally supported as I have worked through 'my stuff', enough that I can step into my true calling with dignity and grace. Thank you for all the inspiration and wisdom you have shared!" -Anne S

Options for working with Jennifer

  • 1:1 Healing & Coaching Sessions, based on your individual needs
  • Understanding the ways in which your experiences can translate to wisdom as you guide others along their paths
  • Clarity on your path, based on your unique gifts, enabling you to be most effective in your field
  • If working with Jennifer in-person is an option, we can make that happen! If distance hinders this, we can easily schedule calls via Zoom. We will create a plan specifically for you! You can view Jennifer's other offerings to see what we could implement that would best serve

My Philosophy & Values as a Leader

I believe that leadership is a calling, an act of service, and that my duty is to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for development, and to inspire you to recognise your own potential and gifts.  My Divine Gifts include an expanded sense of intuition, clear understanding of the subconscious mind, and the capacity to apply what I have learned from my own experiences as an entrepreneur and leader. My intention is always to support from a space of Integrity, Sincerity, Respect, Honour, & Dignity...

I have had the great privilige to support people at the worst parts of their lives, through addiction, unresolved trauma, and have watched them embody new wisdom, and become incredible leaders in their communities. I have also supported teachers, practitioners, and corporate teams to step into leadership roles, taking initiative to offer more, to support each other, and understand where they can shine brighter, without old fear impeding progress. I would be honoured to support you in this too!

My training includes courses and mentoring with Jamie Wheal and the Flow Genome Project, training with the Alef Trust on Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology, and over a decade of training as a practitioner and teacher of meditation and resolution of subconscious belief.

In the past, I was the 'reluctant leader', continually being asked to train teams within organisations, including the Dept of Juvenile Justice, Streetwork, and various charities I worked within. Now, I more readily accept my role as a leader and trainer, offering courses and sessions to thousands over the past few decades. It is one of the most fulfilling roles I have chosen, and continue to develop myself, my mindset, and knowledge to lead through service.

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