Peak Performance & Flow State Training with Jennifer

For business, coaching, athletic performance, practitioners, and those wanting to have a greater impact & success, personally & professionally

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In order to live up to our highest potential, we have to address the habits and thought processes that hinder growth.

Within each session I offer, there is time given for you to delve within, to address your own subconscious issues, to resolve the past and step more fully into the creative present moment. 

So you not only feel more whole and at home within yourself, you carry these qualities into your soul-inspired work.

"Jennifer is one of the most naturally gifted and generous practitioners I know - she connects really well with others, is a popular member of our network and gets great results. My session with Jennifer was both amazing and profound. I'd thoroughly recommend her as a therapist and business partner." -Alisoun Mackenzie

ForĀ Leaders

Attitudes and approaches to leadership have greatly evolved to include personal awareness, selfless service, and setting healthy examples for those we guide. Through this evolution, we have gained opportunities to connect with our gifts and strengths as we co-create with our communities. We can lead in a new way.Ā 

Learn what is Possible

For Coaches, Healers, Practitioners

Jennifer has been working with thisĀ tribe for 15 years, training sensitive beings to harness their gifts and apply new skills, enabling them to build their businesses and their lives around their divine purpose and deep intuition. Join her to learn what works (and what does not), enabling you to feel more fulfilled, with healthier boundaries, and an understanding of what it takes to be of service to your clients and students!

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For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Help create strong foundations within your business, enabling more rapid growth, income, and impact in your industry.

Jennifer has worked with international teams and individuals, to reshape focus, gain clarity, and implement healthy practice for greater performance.

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For Athletes, Teams, & Coaches

Jennifer grew up in the USA, playing sports from a young age, and has continued to develop her performance mindset through various training programs. She understands the focus, dedication, and discipline necessary to increase skill, endurance, and strength, beginning with healthy mindset, enabling you to transcend old limitations, injury, and setbacks. She is ready to dive into what has hindered your ability to perform at the highest levels.

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Emily Phillips

-Holistic Voice & Embodiment Mentor

"I have worked one-to-one with Jen for a number of years and she has provided unwavering support during major life changes and challenging experiences. Her laser-like intuitive guidance and vast knowledge is a special gift, and her calm, grounded and playful approach has helped me to shift perspectives and root into a healthier mindset and embodiment around who I am being and how I’m choosing to live. Since working with Jen, I’ve noticed the courage to lean into my unique version of leadership and expression has expanded, which has improved the flow and success of my relationships, my business, happiness and overall sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend joining Jen, either one-to-one or in one of her group programmes as a supportive structure for your own journey."

Included in each option:

Initial Call

Time with Jennifer to talk through the known needs, the established strengths, and areas where clarity is lacking. Together, we will create a plan that meets the needs of all involved in the process!

Options for Group and/or Individual Sessions

Sometimes, culture and performance can shift through skillfully crafted group training. Sometimes the answer is to sit down 1:1 to delve into individual's mindsets.

Connection with other Leaders & Experts

Jennifer has been fortunate enough to work with incredible practitioners around the world! As needed, outside expertise can be introduced, supporting movement, sound, speaking, and other vital areas.

In-Person or Online Options

Jennifer is able to join you/your group in-person, in an environment that supports transformation. If distance or travel restrictions limit this, you are able to connect online, in the comfort of your home/workplace.

An Introduction to Flow

An hour class on the foundations of flow, including some of the science and study from the experts, ways to consciously create your world, and a meditation to help anchor the feeling of Flow!

An Introduction to Peak States & Peak Performance

An hour class on living your highest potential, clarity on the difference between getting high and creating a life that enables peak states on a more regular and predictable basis

Learn a little more about Jennifer's views and philosophies on Conscious Boundaries, Flow States, & Peak Performance! She is currently recording short videos on each of these topics (and more), feel free to explore the video list above!

My Philosophy & Values as a Coach

I believe that coaching is a calling, an act of service, and that my duty is to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for development, and to inspire you to recognise your own potential and gifts.  My Divine Gifts include a clear understanding of the subconscious mind, and the capacity to apply what I have learned from my own experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, and teacher/practitioner. My intention is always to support from a space of Integrity, Sincerity, Respect, Honour, & Dignity.

I have trained and served as a mentor with Jamie Wheal and the Flow Genome Project, which has helped to shape the ways in which I approach Peak Performance & Flow. I have also earned a Professional Certificate from the Alef Trust in Altered States, Psychedelics, and Transpersonal Psychology. During my year of training, I interviewed various Creatives and Leaders within their fields, learning both practical and spiritual ways of tapping into Flow States, and ways to apply this in a daily practice.

My approach is grounded in humanity, connected with the physical, embracing the mind & intuition, so that we address issues holistically, creating alignment of mind, body, & spirit.

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