Deeply Heal with Rapeh Medicine

 Join me in Ceremony, connecting with the Natural Medicine of Ceremonial Tobacco. 

Rapeh is a sacred tobacco, the Grandfather Plant Medicine, used to deepen meditation and harmonise the energies of human and divine.

Prepare to feel wholly aligned!

What is Rapeh?

Rapeh is a sacred, ceremonial tobacco, originally used in the Amazon basin as a way to heal, both physically and spiritually.

Rapeh is held in the highest respect as it is considered the Grandfather plant medicine.  It can be used on its own, or along with other plant medicines, as its wisdom guides ceremonies with grace.

Rapeh is taken into the nose, gently blown in through a kuripe or tepi (depending on whether you are self-applying, or receiving from another).  The rapeh is left in the nose for around 10 minutes while the body begins to feel the effects and respond.

How do Ceremonies support the Medicine?

Rapeh is used in a ceremonial way, either in a small group, or 1:1/private group setting. Participants are invited to receive the ceremonial tobacco, which enhances feelings of relaxation, peace, and grounding.  Using Rapeh in this way is like prayer, calling upon the elements, forces of nature, plant and animal energy and guidance to heal and empower. 

Guided meditation and music help to connect initiates with the medicine, as well as set clear intentions for the experience. Clarity of intention helps to facilitate deeper healing as well as a more graceful release.
When the group is ready,  Jennifer aids initiates to support and facilitate the releases, emotionally and physically. Each step of the ceremony is thoroughly explained, and we proceed with respect and care.

We end the ceremony with Sananga, to help clear the 3rd eye and ground your energy, preparing you for the rest of your day.  (Sananga is optional but highly recommended!)

Effects of Rapeh, during and after Ceremony

Each initiate can experience a variety of effects of the medicine at work!

What most people feel is a deep surrender within the body, aligning of the root through the crown, and radical heart opening as well.  Feelings of ecstasis, healing, and deep gratitude work through the body, and the effects of the Rapeh can last up to 60 minutes.

Within the first few minutes of the ceremony, most initiates feel a profound sense of calm and peace, a deeply blissful feeling. Guided meditation and music help to carry each initiate along the journey within, providing clarity, healing, more alignment with life.  We follow each ceremony with Sananga (optional) to help ground the energy of the body and mind.

In the following days, initiates often feel  lighter and more aligned, the mind is clearer and calmer, with a heightened alertness. Other reported effects are elevated mood, decreased stressed, and better focus.

Private Ceremonies

Book a private Ceremony with Jennifer, 1:1, or with up to 4 people 

Book a Private Ceremony

Details for Private Rapeh Ceremonies with Jennifer

Your time with Jennifer will run up to 2 hours total, and ceremonies are currently held in South Edinburgh.  You may choose to purchase a kuripe (small pipe) from me before the ceremony, or bring your own with you.  Each ceremony can include up to 4 initiates, ensuring that each is fully supported through the ceremony.

Included: a mat, Rapeh tobacco, music, and guided meditation. 

*Please feel free to bring extra cushions/blankets to ensure your comfort

Why work with Jennifer?

Jennifer has lived her entire life as a bridge between human and divine.  As an intuitive child, she learned from an early age to feel the energy of her environment and of those around her, and to trust her intuition as she navigated the world. 

Jennifer has dedicated the past 25+ years to more deeply understanding the subconscious mind, motivation driving decision, leadership, boundaries, service, Initiation, Purpose, and living an aligned existence.

She is a dedicated 'Psychonaut', having spent decades formally studying Psychology, Leadership, Meditation, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystals, Angels & Guides, Acupuncture, Plant and Natural Medicines, Sacred Geometry, the Laws of Existence, Astrology, the Science behind the Mystical, and utilises her vast knowledge and embodied experience to support initiates through extreme experiences in a grounded way.

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"Thank you so much for welcoming us and making our rapeh ceremony such a wonderful experience. We all came away from it with a real joy and anticipation of what may come next. It’s definitely something we’d all like to repeat again!"

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