Turn your Wounds into Wisdom: 5 week program

For Healers, Creatives, Artists, Teachers & Leaders

Join Jennifer online for 5 weeks to turn your wounds into Wisdom, and your suffering into Service.


This container was created to help the healers, practitioners, teachers, leaders who are wholly inspired to be of service, without the trauma or 'ego' creating difficulties along the way.

In our astrology charts, much of this shows up with Chiron, The Wounded Healer. This archetype represents our deepest wounds, the ones that often take the most time and understanding to completely heal. These wounds are often the ones that shape our outlook and identity, often in unhealthy ways.

But for those who serve, the wounding that you heal can help you to lead others to their own resolution, with deep empathy and understanding. It can be your super power, once you have really taken the steps to heal yourself first.

So I want to help you to resolve your deepest wounds, so that you can be of better service to the planet.

Going through this program with me will help you gain clarity on who you want to work with (possibly your niche or ideal client), to express what you do with more clarity, and it will help to clear the subconscious filters and fears that make your work harder.

We are going to hold this program during Virgo Season, because she is the High Priestess, the one that brings Heaven to Earth. And I know you want to do this too! It will include weekly group calls (please join live if you can, recording will be sent after), and we are going to go deep into the content, and heal these issues in real time.

To begin, I will send you a recording, explaining where Chiron lies in your birth chart, and what that means for you specifically. I will also include information around your Sun, Moon, Rising, and North Node. You'll be able to refer back to this at any point in the future, to help guide you.
And we will gain more clarity on your work as a healer/practitioner, on what has worked in the past, and what will help you to more deeply align with the work you are meant to be doing!
There will be an option to add a 1:1 session with me if you would like a little more clarity, or you can choose to stick with the amazing group that will be joining us!


In short, this offering is for you if you fit one of 2 options:

  1. You already work within a role where you heal/lead/teach, and you would like to increase skill and awareness with what you already do (and get out of your own way, making you more effective)!
  2. You would like to be a better leader/teacher/guide in all that you do as a human being, without the old wounds motivating unhealthy reactions and choices.



  • 5 weekly calls to delve into the content, and to heal your obstacles in real time! You are invited to join us live if possible, and/or watch the recordings at your convenience.
  • A recording specifically for you, to more deeply understand a few aspects of your birth chart! These will include your Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendent, Chiron, and North Nodes, which shape much of who you are, the ways you serve, and your Dharma/Destiny in this lifetime. This will be sent before the first call to help inform your journey.
  • Time to delve into the following themes: Leadership, Being a Teacher/Guide, Visibility (being seen, heard, recognised for the amazing being that you already are), the common obstacles to these (Drama Triangle, old wounds and fears, your reactions to the world around you), and your Deepest, Oldest Wounds, your Gifts & Virtues, and More!
  • *Time for Q&A, to gain specific guidance on what you are facing, and ways to transcend these issues

  • Daily Rituals/Practice best suited to you and your Divine Purpose

  • Optional: You are welcome to add a 1:1 session with Jennifer, if there is anything additional needing addressed outside of the group calls. Get in touch for options!


Dates & Times:

Due to the resonance of this program, Jennifer will run it again in August/September 2023, through Virgo/Chiron Season.

Prerequisites: None

Spaces are limited due to the nature of the program.  Please get in touch with any questions, I would love to connect with those who feel called to join us!

"I have worked one-to-one with Jen for a number of years and she has provided unwavering support during major life changes and challenging experiences. Her laser-like intuitive guidance and vast knowledge is a special gift, and her calm, grounded and playful approach has helped me to shift perspectives and root into a healthier mindset and embodiment around who I am being and how I’m choosing to live. Since working with Jen, I’ve noticed the courage to lean into my unique version of leadership and expression has expanded, which has improved the flow and success of my relationships, my business, happiness and overall sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend joining Jen, either one-to-one or in one of her group programmes as a supportive structure for your own journey." -Emily Phillips

Recent Praise for Wounds to Wisdom...

"I always enjoy working with Jennifer. She brings clarity and insight wrapped in fun and compassion, (to mention but two gifts she brings), but will challenge things that need challenged and be direct. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with her over the years, and would recommend her to anyone who feels lost and in need of guidance." -SM

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