What is your biggest Catalyst for Change?

We have reached the end of Venus Retrograde but are still witnessing its effects playing out within our lives. The 6 week transit highlighted where our relationships were failing, our quality of life is low, and how what we allow may be out of alignment with our deeper desires. For many, it was a difficult 40+ days where sadness and anger were triggered, old traumas surfaced, and a mirror was held up, enabling us to honestly examine the sources of our suffering.

It has been a great reminder that we often wait for things to deteriorate or self-destruct before we address what we may view as overwhelming, confusing, or difficult to navigate.


We can all look back at our lives and recognise times when we shied away from an opportunity to address an issue, to set a boundary, or have a difficult conversation. We could have leaned into the challenge but allowed the drama to play out and grow.


This period has not been about finding the blame, but instead identifying the source(s) of our avoidance, reasons for hiding away, or refusal to work through the consequences of our past decisions. The more uncomfortable you feel, the more pain your perceive, the more you may be motivated to lean into change.


But what if we could change our relationship with how we feel, so that instead of running away from ourselves, we could see them as signs of alignment (or lack of it)?

So many of us wait until we hit rock bottom, or things become so bad that we cannot suffer the pain any longer. What if we could address the discomfort or smaller problems when they are more manageable? 


The reality is that we do not need a massive sign from the universe, or a kick/push towards change. We do not need to hit our lowest point or wait for things to cave in on us. Suffering does not need to be the catalyst we accept or seek in order to choose again.

This has been one of the hardest but most useful lessons of my life- knowing that I can be more in tune with my feelings and aware of my (mis)alignment before it becomes glaringly obvious that things are amiss. It requires us to be honest with ourselves about the quality of life we lead, and what is contributing or taking from what we want it to be. It also requires us to be courageous, to face our fears, so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we use them as a gentle nudge to get back on track with what most aligns.


We are in the second half of Virgo season, which invites us to declutter, set healthier boundaries, to recognise ways our communication can be clearer, so that we can create a higher way of living here on Earth.

We are heading towards Libra Season (and a total solar eclipse in October), where our relationships with ourselves, family, friends, community, and the physical objects in our lives are called to upgrade. We will be more able to see and feel what lacks love, respect, care, honour, and divinity, and what we choose that gets in the way of these. 

So now is the time to address these, while the energies support us to be more courageous, to make meaningful change.


Worth meditating on over the next few weeks:

  • What energies/feelings have created the foundations of my relationships? Are they built on a trauma response, or the best of me?
  • What is creating a feeling of clutter, obstacles, difficulty, that I could release? What could I choose with this new feeling of spaciousness?
  • Which conversations have I been delaying that would create positive change now?
  • What is lacking (respect, honour, honesty, love, compassion, communication) that would make the most difference? How can I embody these myself, and share them with the world around me?


Remember that whatever is not working is showing you that there is another way, another option, a chance to understand yourself more deeply. You can make the choice to sit with these signs and gain the wisdom within them, and inspire change, instead of waiting for an outside force to add to your suffering. Having the courage to actively engage with your life will inspire positive change, and heal the past you have been hiding from.


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