Embodied Living: Are you in Flow, or battling the world around you?

Hello beautiful beings!  I just wanted to send a bit of information today about the power of initiation and embodied living.  October promises to be the most transformational month of 2020, which we can either fight against, or learn to harness the power for our benefit.

The initiation process can be a bumpy ride, to say the least.  We can often feel tossed into the abyss, without light or guidance to navigate the change. But there are things that we can do to bring form into the formless, to give some foundation and direction.  Here are a few of the best I've found:

1. Set your non-negotiable priorities and follow them! This involves you deciding what really has value in your life (including possessions, experiences, relationships, quality of life, etc), and saying No to what doesn't align, and a big Hell Yes to what does!  If you do not choose what you want, you'll get to experience anything and everything that the universe has on offer until you do.  Make a choice, take a stand, direct your life in the way you want it to go.  (Fierce Freedom ebook with some extra guidance.)

2. Ritual:  Create some rituals for your daily life, but also understand that it is the intention behind the ritual that really matters.  Light a candle to help focus your prayers, meditate in the morning to help you create an expansive day, visit a sacred place with the intention of being sacred too.  Invite the divine into each day by setting intentions that bring it here.

3. Follow the rhythms of Natural and Cosmic.  Flow with the seasons instead of fighting them.  During this period of autumn, harvest what is there for you, and prepare for the quiet hibernation of winter.  Eat foods that are in season, that are warming, and nourish your body.  And get to know the rhythms of the solar system that we inhabit.  The moon (which connects with your emotional state) changes signs every 2.5 days, no wonder we are always feeling different!  We have a SO much happening in Capricorn this year, shifting our routines, foundations, systems, hierarchies.  Learn about the influence of the heavenly bodies and make your time on this planet more graceful and fun!

4. Enter into ceremony, and bring together the magic of each of these elements, to help you to transmute what no longer is to be lived.  Ceremony joins together the alchemy of a group and its intentions, the power of the collective, and a focus for healing and growth.  Ceremonies have provided me with my deepest healing and understanding, which then deliver me to my next step in life.

Below are a few events designed to help you create and/or experience each of these.  These are practices that I use regularly, because they are profoundly effective, and at the core of all that I do and am.  I hope you will join me!

And please  let me know what works for you!!


My offerings to invite in rhythm and flow:

Libra New Moon online ceremony, Friday 16th @ 7pm (UK)

Taurus Full Moon (and Blue Moon) online ceremony, Friday 30 October @ 7pm (UK)  **Offer for this ceremony of £8 if you book with the Initiate your Awakening event held the following day**


Ceremonial Offerings

Initiate your Awakening: Ascend the Stairway to Heaven (Initiation Ceremony online), 31 October from 2-5:30pm UK / 10-1:30 EST

Kambo & Rapeh Ceremonies are being scheduled, details to follow asap!  You can learn a bit more below! 


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