Are you able to embrace the gifts of Fire?

Hello fire dancers and soothsayers!  Who is feeling the power of the Fire Element at play this month?  Leo season has a unique quality that makes it particularly potent.  We are approaching a power day on 8/8 (the Lion's Gate), which is the same day of the New Moon, so even further amplified.  And we are between two Aquarius Full Moons, connecting with air, which feeds the fire as well.  For any of you waiting for a 'good' time to create, manifest, purify your self or your life, now is the time!

For me personally, the energy of Leo always reminds me of the term 'Lion-Heart'.  It is the culmination and combination of all that this season embodies...

Summer, heat, rejuvenation, burn, purify, inspiration, liberation, love, compassion, tribe, pride, courage, the Sun, royalty, nobility, regal, kingdom, sovereignty...

Here in this fiery portal, we have the capacity to bask in the sun, relax, and recharge.  Our muscles can stretch and release, our bodies soaking in the comfort and nourishment of the sun.  We can eat and drink living food, fresh from the earth, feeding our cells.

And when the time of recovery and nourishment has passed, we are able to engage the power of the Sun, the courage of the heart, the strength of the lion and its pride.  We not only create with the strength within ourselves, but with the power of the collective, the support of the Tribe/Soul Family.

And with the Aquarius Air surrounding, we are able to think and speak heartfelt desires into matter.  The word 'Abracadabra' means magical incantation, and we can literally speak thought into being.


But this alchemy only ignites and creates when there is authenticity and alignment.  For those of us holding back, denying truth, altering communication out of fear, the magic burns or blows away before it can ignite and initiate.  It has to be pure of heart, aligned with higher perspective, part of the bigger picture of Dharma and purpose.  

If you are feeling stuck, trapped, deflated, impotent, it is time to evaluate the ways in which you are denying the truth within.  Take time this weekend to meditate with your heart, to imagine a life that is full of love, compassion, nourishment, support, and imagine what could be altered in this state.

As Glinda tells Dorothy "You had the power all along", and each of us has this same power to return home to Heart, Soul, and embodied living.  Your heart will show you the way.


Points to Ponder:

 * If I lived with the heart of a Lion, what would change for me?

* If I made every choice with Courage and Love, what would be different?

* How can I take the time to nourish my body, embracing the power of the fiery sun?

* What could the Fire purify within me, or my life?


Allow yourself to burn with the Fire, fed by the abundant Air.  Everything you need or want is within you, surrounding you, within your realm.  Take the time to decide, and speak it into existence.  Bear witness to the miracles that are willing to appear.



*For those of you who would like some additional support with this, I will be holding ceremony online on Sunday with the Leo New Moon, and I would be honoured to witness what unfolds.


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